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HSX AwardOptions predicted 6 out of 8 Oscar winners

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony last night was capped off by a shocking twist ending. La La Land [A7PLAL] was mistakenly named Best Picture before Moonlight [A7PMON] was revealed as the real winner due to a screw-up with the envelope. The fiasco overshadowed a major upset in the Best Picture category. La La Land had been the prohibitive favorite by everyone including the trading results on the AwardOptions of the Oscar nominees on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

HSX did correctly named...

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By Antibody on Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 10:53 AM        196 views

New trailer for Kong: Skull Island

Warner Bros. has unleashed the final trailer for the action adventure Kong: Skull Island [SKULN].   Set in the 1970s during the Vietnam War, a scientific expedition heads an uncharted island where ancient monsters from the depths of earth have been awakened. The mighty ape turns out to be mankind's savior.   Kong: Skull Island  opens on March 10th.


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By Antibody on Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 09:24 AM        179 views

Box Score: Get Out took in $30 million

Produced for just $5 million before prints & advertising, the thriller Get Out [GETOU] broke out with an estimated $30.5 million to top the weekend box office.  Universally acclaimed by every critic, the racially theme film attracted an audience that was 39% African-American and 36% White.

The LEGO Batman [LBATM] slipped to second place with $19.0 million.  The animated spin-off has banked $133.0 million.

John Wick: Chapter 2 [WICK2] finished third at $9.0 million to bring its total to...

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By Antibody on Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 10:28 AM        281 views

Whisper Numbers: Get Out to take out Batman

Blumhouse and Universal have their second breakout hit of 2017 with the R-rated psychological thriller Get Out [GETOU] from writer-director Jordan Peele [JPEEL].  Daniel Kaluuya [DKALU] stars as a man visiting his girlfriend’s family for the first time and encounters racial tension that may be far more sinister. Get Out currently has a perfect RottenTomatoes score of 100% from critics. Much like Split, positive buzz has been spreading from those who have already seen the film in early...

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By Box Office Whisperer on Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 03:30 PM        459 views

New traile for Their Finest

STX has released the domestic trailer for the British dramedy Their Finest [TFHAH] set during World War II. Gemma Arterton [GARTE], Sam Claflin [SCLAF], and Bill Nighy [BNIGH] star as filmmakers who are brought together to create a propaganda movie in order to lift their nation's spirits during its darkest hours.  Directed by Lone Scherfig, Their Finest begins its limited release on April 7th.

With London emptied of its men now fighting at the Front, Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) is hired...

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By Antibody on Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 12:04 PM        431 views

First trailer for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Fox has revealed the teaser for the reboot of the family film franchise Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul [WIMP4] based on the Jeff Kinney book series.   The Heffley family take a road trip to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul arrives in theaters on May 19th

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By Antibody on Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 09:45 AM        356 views

Prologue to Alien: Convenant

Fox has uploaded the official prologue to the sci-fi prequel/sequel Alien: Covenant [PRME2], which introduces the crew abroad the colonization ship Convenant as they gather for a final meal before entering cryosleep on its way to a remote planet.  Michael Fassbender [MFASS] plays an android of the same model that appeared in PrometheusAlien: Covenant lands in theaters May 19th.

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By Antibody on Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 09:33 AM        440 views

New trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the fantasy  King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [KARTH].  Charlie Hunnam [CHUNN] stars as the rightful heir to the throne who must rise from the streets to seize the Excalibur and take back the crown from his uncle who had his father murdered.  Directed by Guy Ritchie [GRITC],  King Arthur: Legend of the Sword opens on May 12th.


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By Antibody on Monday, February 20, 2017 @ 10:31 AM        621 views

Box Score: Lego Batman holds back newcomers

The three new offerings for the Presidents Day holiday fizzled as The LEGO Batman Movie [LBATM] held the top spot with $42.5 million over the 4-day weekend.  The animated film has amassed $107.1 million.

50 Shades Darker [50SH2] also remained in second place at $23.3 million.  The romance sequel has whipped up nearly  $92.0 million.

The Great Wall [GRTWL] debuted at the third position with $21.7 million over the long weekend.  The fantasy set in medieval China attracted an audience that...

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By Antibody on Monday, February 20, 2017 @ 10:23 AM        345 views

Whisper Numbers: LEGO Batman takes Fist to Wall

Three new films open on the Presidents Day holiday weekend, but none shall knock off The LEGO Batman Movie [LBATM] from its perch. The animated family film could pile up another $42.0 million over the 4-day period.

With Valentine’s Day falling this past Tuesday, Fifty Shades Darker [50SH2] will enjoy better legs than Fifty Shades of Grey, which was fronloaded by the combination of Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day on the same weekend two years ago. Fifty Shades Darker could steam up...

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By Box Office Whisperer on Thursday, February 16, 2017 @ 03:06 PM        696 views

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