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First trailer for The Space Between Us

STX has launched the trailer for the sci-fi romance The Space Between Us [OUTTW].  Asa Butterfield [ABUTT] stars as a teenager who is the first person born on Mars and finally gets brought back to earth, unknown to the rest of the world.   Eager to experience real life, he escapes from NASA facility to track down a girl he meet online, played by Britt Robertson, [BROBE].

In this interplanetary adventure, a space shuttle embarks on the first mission to colonize Mars, only to discover after...

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New trailer for The Infiltrator

Broad Green has unveiled the full-length trailer for the real-life crime drama The Infiltrator [NFILT].  Bryan Cranston [BCRAN] stars as Federal agent Bob Mazur who poses as a money-launderer to go deep undercover in the drug cartel of Pablo Escobar during the 1980s.  The Infiltrator breaks wide on July 13th.

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First trailer for Morgan

Fox has revealed the teaser trailer for the sci-fi film Morgan [MORGN], which looks basically Ex Machina meets Splice.  Kate Mara [KMARA] stars as a corporate troubleshooter who is sent to a remote location to investigate and evaluate an accident, which is apparently caused by a top-secret, "human" science experiment, played by Anya Taylor-Joy.  Directed by Ridley Scott's son Luke Scott, Morgan arrives in theaters on September 2nd.

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New trailer for Collide

Open Road has unleashed the domestic trailer for the actioner Collide [ABAHN].  Nicholas Hoult [NHOUL] stars as a man who returns to his former life of crime when heneeds money for a kidney transplant for his girlfriend, played by Felicity Jones [FJONE].  Ben Kingsley [BKING] plays his former boss who sets him up with a heist that goes wrong, while Anthony Hopkins [AHOPK] plays a even bigger boss who comes after him for the boteched job.  Collide crashes into theaters on August 19th.

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New trailer for Finding Dory

Walt Disney has released the full-length trailer for the animated Finding Dory [NEMO2], the sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo.  Ellen DeGeneres returns as the forgetful blue tang who sets out on a journey to find her family with the help of the clownfish Nemo and his father, voiced by Albert Brooks.  Finding Dory sinks into theaters on June 17th.


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New trailer for Sing

Universal has bowed the full-length trailer for Illumination's newest animated film Sing [SING]. Matthew McConaughey [MMCCO] leads the cast in a musical comedy set in a world of anamorphoric animals competing in a singing contest. Sing begins on December 21st.


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New trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence

Fox has uploaded an extended, international trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence [IDAY2] that clocks in at nearly 5 minutes filled with CG destruction porn.  A sequel 20 years in the making,  Independence Day: Resurgence invades theaters on June 24th.



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First trailer for Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney has revealed the teaser trailer for the live-action remake of their animated musical Beauty and the Beast [BTATB]. Bill Condon [BCOND] retells the tale as old as time starring Emma Watson [EMWAT] as Belle, Dan Stevens [DSTEV] as the Beast; Kevin Kline [KKLIN] as Belle’s father Maurice, Luke Evans [LUEVA] as Gaston, Josh Gad [JGAD] as Lefou, Ewan McGregor [EMCGR] as Lumiere, Ian McKellen [IMCKE] as Cogsworth,  and Emma Thompson [ETHOM] as Mrs. Potts.   Beauty and the Beast arrives...

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Box Score: Angry Birds knocked off Captain America

Defying cynicism about a movie based on a mobile videogame, The Angry Birds Movie [ANGRB] scored an estimated $39.0 million to top the weekend box office.  The audience for the animated film was evenly split at 51% male and 50% over/under the age of 25.

Captain America: Civil War [CAPA3] fell to second in its third weekend with $33.1 million, down another 54%.  The Marvel film has amassed $33.1 million.

Opening at the third spot, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising [NEIB2] pledged just $21.7...

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New trailer for Star Trek: Beyond

Paramount has unveiled the full-length trailer for the sci-fi sequel Star Trek: Beyond [TREK3], the third film in the rebooted timeline.  Taking over from J.J. Abrams, director Justin Lin [JLIN] returns the U.S.S. Enterprise to its exploration roots on the 50th Anniversary of the Original Series.  Chris Pine [CPINE] reprises his role as Captain Kirk who leads his crew into deep space where they encounter a new, unfamiliar enemy.  Idris Elba [IELBA] and Sofia Boutella [SBOUT] join the cast...

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