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First trailer for Captain America: Civil War

Walt Disney has unleashed the debut trailer for Marvel's Captain America: Civil War [CAPA3].  The third Captain America film picks up where The Avengers: Age of Ultron left off with the Falcon and Scarlett Witch joining the Avengers.  However, the former Winter Soldier comes between Captain America and Iron Man.  Black Panther is finally introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and appears to be on the side of Iron Man and War Machine.   However, newly acquired Spider-Man is nowhere to...

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First trailer for The Other Side of the Door

Fox has released the theatrical trailer for the horror film The Other Side of the Door [OSOTD].  Sarah Wayne Callies plays a mother who loses her son in a car accident and undertakes a ritual to contact his spirit.  However, she decides to break the veil between the two worlds, which brought back the evil spirit of her son. The Other Side of the Door opens wide on March 11th.


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New trailer for The Little Prince

Paramount has unveiled the domestic trailer to the animated fantasy The Little Prince [LPRNC] based on the classic book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Mackenzie Foy voices the little girl, Rachel McAdams [RMCAD] her mother, Jeff Bridges [JBRID] is her neighbor the aviator with James Franco [JAFRA] as the fox and Paul Rudd [PRUDD] as Mr. Prince.  The Little Prince lands in theater on March 18th.

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New trailer for Knight of Cups

Broad Green has revealed the domestic trailer for the drama Knight of Cups [KNCUP] written and directed by Terrence Malick [TMALI].  Christian Bale [CBLAN] stars as a successful screenwriter who enjoys the trappings of the Hollywood lifestyle , but also despairs at the emptiness of his life. Cate Blanchett [CBLAN] and Natalie Portman[NPORT] co-star in Knight of Cups, which opens in limited release on March 4th.

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First trailer for Barbershop: The Next Cut

Warner Bros. has debuted the teaser trailer for the comedy sequel Barbershop: The Next Cut [BSHO3].  Ice Cube [ICUBE], Cedric the Entertainer [CEDRC], Regina Hall [RHALL], Anthony Anderson [AANDE], Eve, JB Smoove, Common [COMMN] and Nicki Minaj all return in Barbershop: The Next Cut, which will open on  April 15th,

It’s been more than 10 years since our last appointment at Calvin’s Barbershop. Calvin (Ice Cube) and his longtime crew, including Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), are still...

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New trailer for The Big Short

Paramount has uploaded the second trailer for the real-life drama The Big Short [BIGSH] based on the best-selling book by Michael Lewis.  Christian Bale [CBALE], Steve Carell [SCARE], Ryan Gosling [RGOSL] and Brad Pitt [BPITT] star as outsiders who foresaw the impending collapse of the global economy and decided to profit from the arrogance and stupidity of the big banks.   The Big Short opens limited on December 11th before expanding wide on December 23rd.


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New trailer for Zootopia

Walt Disney has released the full-length trailer for the animated Zootopia [ZOOTP], which is comprised of a scene that pokes fun at the slowness of the DMV.  Zootopia opens on March 4th.

The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together—a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest...

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Box Score: Fans don't hunger for Mockingjay Part 2

Scoring the lowest opening in the dystopian sci-fi franchise, the finale The Hunger Games: Moockingjay Part 2 [HGAM4] led the weekend box office with an estimated $101.0 million.  After the uneventful Part 1, the broader audience got wise to the moneygrab of the split of the last book into two films. The audience was 54% female and 50% under the age of 25.

Spectre [JB24] relinguish the throne after two weeks at the top.  The 24th Bond film earned $14.6 million to run its total to $153.7...

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First trailer for Central Intelligence

Warner Bros. has uploaded the teaser trailer for the action comedy Central Intelligence [CINTL].  A big Johnson [TROCK] and a little Hart [KHART] team up in theaters beginning June 17th.

The story follows a one-time bullied geek who grew up to be a lethal CIA agent (Johnson), coming home for his high school reunion. Claiming to be on a top-secret case, he enlists the help of the former “big man on campus” (Hart), now an accountant who misses his glory days. But before the staid...

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First trailer for The Boss

Universal has dropped the theatrical trailer for the comedy The Boss [MDARN].  Melissa McCarthy [MMCCA] stars as Michell Darnell, a businesswoman who is caught for insider trading.  After a stint in prison, she seeks an image makeover with the help of a former employee, played by by Kristen Bell [KBELL].  The Boss hits theaters on April 8th. 


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