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Cashouts for 6/18/12

Posted by: Antibody on Jun 18, 17:13

    - Bully (BULYP) H$3.48
    - Chernobyl Diaries (CHRNB) H$17.64
    - Dark Tide (DRKTD) H$0.01
    - Goon (GOON) H$4.17
    - The Island President (ISLNP) H$0.08
    - Men in Black 3 (MIB3) H$152.73
    - Intruders (NTRUD) H$0.06
    - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (TBEMH) H$35.22
    - Womb (WOMB) H$0.01
    - Rock of Ages H$30 Call (ROAGE.CA) H$0
    - Rock of Ages - Opening Weekend (ROAGE.OW) H$14.44
    - Rock of Ages H$30 Put (ROAGE.PU) H$15.56
    - That's My Boy H$25 Call (TMBOY.CA) H$0
    - That's My Boy - Opening Weekend (TMBOY.OW) H$13.45
    - That's My Boy H$25 Put (TMBOY.PU) H$11.55
    - The Remake Fund 4.0 (DJAVU) H$101.07