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Made it to the 98th Percentile....and I'm coming after the top 2% next...sleep with the lights on guys....sleep with the lights on.... {nm}   JustaGuy on Jul 28, 19:39

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jul 28, 21:23

Nicely Done. Way to stay Calm. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 29, 05:17

Minor Port Monkey problem with Greasemonkey 2.0 update   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 27, 16:24

HI - So is that the reason it's not working at all right now? I'm pretty sure it was even after your post... {nm}   ~JPV~ on Jul 28, 02:19

Also, I just looked and I have Greasemonkey 2.1 {nm}   ~JPV~ on Jul 28, 02:23

GM 2.1 notes and reply to ~JPV~   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 28, 05:18

Not a new user (been usibng it for years). NOt sure what you mean about show section headings. Have not changed any settings at all. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Jul 28, 07:12

In addition, I checked using another computer and it is working. However, it is using GM2.0 (the other was updated to 2.1) {nm}   ~JPV~ on Jul 28, 07:21

Just read, no I'm not using the most recent version of FF. I have to stick with this one until another extension gets updated   ~JPV~ on Jul 28, 07:53

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   platonm on Jul 27, 07:16

Well...only YOU can decide 'when' you want to sell a stock... and    Flash on Jul 27, 10:52

most movies cash out quite a bit lower than their OW adjust so that's something to consider as well   MattW on Jul 27, 11:07

Unnecessary tags {nm}   socby19 on Jul 27, 19:04

a massacre! thats all today was just a freakin massacre! thats ok...dump your stocks to buy the incredibles...i'll live to fight another day   horrorfanatic on Jul 27, 00:03

I just had my first officail loss day. not a lot but so used to things auto going up 57 in a row {nm}   mishra on Jul 27, 00:30

I wish I was rich enough where I didnt have to sell everything for it but I needed to get in on it I missed out on cars3 and despicable3 {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 27, 04:17

yeah i know how that just not happy if i dont have something to complain about from time to time ;) {nm}   horrorfanatic on Jul 27, 06:41

I've had a great last couple days.. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 08:29

Mine I did not lost any money. {nm}   mike255 on Jul 27, 13:19

Huh...skip two days of trading and I go up by about H$15mill.....who knew... {nm}   JustaGuy on Jul 26, 13:51

If a movie is already released and the gross is higher than the current value is it a certain win ? {nm}   Lpmat on Jul 24, 14:23

yes , people here call it "arb" - but factor in commission {nm}   daveart on Jul 24, 14:38

Thanks. So, I've to make sure (current value + 2%) < (gross / 1 000 000) right ? And what arb stands for ? {nm}   Lpmat on Jul 24, 15:24

"Arbitrage". Yes, 2% if you need to flip positions. But, only 1% as new invest & ride to delist. (But, 2% each way, for penny stocks.) {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 24, 17:13

take back what I said, I didnt know you can buy 100k shares of the o.w. derivitave lol thats enough excitement {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 24, 21:48

One side note, if BOM says a movie made 1.00 it may delist slightly less so take that into consideration.   mishra on Jul 26, 03:46

Just compare the compare the Gross on the stock page vs the weekend box office on BOM and you can see when (or if) they stopped tracking {nm}   JDolphin on Jul 26, 16:26

Is it just me or does the random moviestock pump-n-dump seem a little more active lately? {nm}   jwammo on Jul 24, 11:03

BONDS is rolling 19.83 and rising...have fun.... {nm}   Buy BONDS 23 NOW on Jul 23, 00:41

mrbinns, I am ALWAYS a buyer when YOU MANAGE BONDS...BONDS 23 is a Bargain and a Moneymaker! {nm}   kibitzer on Jul 23, 10:06

Question about Moderate release.. Is it treated like Wide release? 4 weeks and 2.7OW adjust? {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 21, 07:43

If a movie opens on more than 650's considered a wide release and adjusts like any other film (excluding holiday adjusts) {nm}   Flash on Jul 21, 08:17

yeah I think this one is 400.. is listed as Moderate for release {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 21, 12:22

Limited vs Moderate vs Wide release...   RazorHawk on Jul 21, 10:11

fyi, HSX did not create Moderate. It's used by ERC which gets it from the studio releasing the film. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 21, 10:36

ok. Just wondering since Fluffy is listed as Moderate and is releasing in 400+ {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 21, 12:24

Fluffy is inside.   DTravel on Jul 23, 22:10

I miss the days when u had to pick your weekend before the weekend not halfway through and already know the results, wake up hsx please {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 19, 03:27

Since you're just back, are you aware of the .OW derivitives? They halt sooner, and exist to give you that old-time challenge. {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 19, 03:50

and not every weekend is cut-and-dry...we've had a few Saturday surprises {nm}   tealfan on Jul 19, 10:58

Yeah, but back in those days you couldn't 'short' any stocks had to either hold an opener, or sell it before the halt... {nm}   Flash on Jul 20, 10:25

And we walked 20 miles in the snow to school - AND WE LIKED IT!!! {nm}   JustaGuy on Jul 20, 15:24

Uphill both ways! {nm}   DTravel on Jul 20, 15:47

wow, ....we just used our snowmobiles {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 20, 17:40

IKR why were those idiots walking? {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 21, 07:37

Alright you guys...OUT to the woodshed! And go cut the stick I'm using to spank you with! :-) {nm}   Flash on Jul 21, 08:22

It's called a switch down here. LOL {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 21, 12:28

Yes, you could. The change to Saturday halt has just been around for a couple (maybe 3) years, shorting has been around a lot longer. {nm}   ndmaster on Jul 21, 10:47

shortin been around a long time... at least 2000 as far as I know {nm}   mishra on Jul 22, 05:41

first million dollar day since comin back to hsx small victory leaders here I come lol {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 19, 00:34

Nicely Done & Welcome Back. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 19, 22:04

Friday always seems to be weak....what does everyone do on friday? {nm}   mishra on Jul 18, 16:23

friday? ive always found the entire weekend to be weak.....nothing ever seems tohappen on saturday and sunday... {nm}   horrorfanatic on Jul 18, 20:57

They sell and wait for the Saturday blockbuster's IPO {nm}   DTravel on Jul 19, 10:44

For those cheapskates who like to buy at the lowest possible price, BACON is now fully invested.   RogerMore on Jul 18, 07:14

Tx , lol, lower price is nice. I think I can spare 200k for it. {nm}   mishra on Jul 18, 07:28

New worth history   momega on Jul 17, 18:41

Here is a link for the data used for the net worth history graph - you can save that every 3 months and create your own extended graph   JDolphin on Jul 17, 19:29

Question for the billionaires.   thefootballfreak on Jul 17, 16:50

"Always been a movie **** " -- what? {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 17, 21:04

OK...   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 18, 08:31

Commentary Inside .....   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 17, 22:09

DATAS   monsieurcinema on Jul 23, 08:47

some of my stats:   Oleg Max on Jul 18, 13:18

thanks everyone! {nm}   thefootballfreak on Jul 18, 21:29

Classic Cash & You   strange on Jul 15, 14:29

Nope, doesn't work {nm}   JDolphin on Jul 15, 15:06

I always pick Sunset Blvd., just because {nm}   daveart on Jul 15, 15:13

Not always, I pick The Birds Every time and am lucky to win once a week...if that. {nm}   aggie2145 on Jul 15, 15:18

I always pock the {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 15, 23:30

I pick the 2nd one, failed 3 times in a row so should be due for a win soon! {nm}   gibster420 on Jul 15, 23:31

I once did an experiment and picked the last one 30 days straight and didn't win once {nm}   JDolphin on Jul 16, 02:08

once i won it 3 days in a row....i'll never see that kind of luck if i win once a month i throw a party lol! {nm}   horrorfanatic on Jul 16, 13:11

Law Of Large Numbers says that you should be winning about 3x a month...   RazorHawk on Jul 16, 14:57

He have about a 1per chance3 to lose 30 times in a row {nm}   mishra on Jul 16, 15:24

Never heard of that law, and, I'm no statistician. But, shouldn't wins average out to 4x a month, with 1 in 7 chance each time? {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 17, 04:31

It's basically just a law that says that given a large enough set of data (in this case, plays as Classic Cash), that the expected average..   Willroast on Jul 17, 05:38

Yes - or 4.34523809524 per Month (on Average) to be a bit more Precise.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 17, 05:39

OOPS - 6.46 is Average Number of Days for a Win.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 17, 05:43

I'm no statistician either....   RazorHawk on Jul 17, 06:04

To answer the end, 1 in 7 each day. {nm}   DTravel on Jul 17, 12:55

it should average out to that but if you know statistics....sometimes you could win 3 or 4 times in a row or go through steak of losing. {nm}   mishra on Jul 17, 14:38

It might be a fluke, but I seem to win more if I pick the first poster that pops up. {nm}   avandelay on Jul 17, 10:40

Congratulations to RazorHawk and AFRAM for crossing over the finish line. {nm}   mrbinns on Jul 13, 18:14

Congratulations {nm}   oneman on Jul 13, 18:56

There you go! Well done. {nm}   PVL Admin on Jul 13, 20:53

Boo-ya! {nm}   eyescovered on Jul 14, 03:35

Well done and good work   blaze223 on Jul 14, 11:43

best 200,000.00 i ever spent {nm}   hartwell on Jul 14, 12:19

congratulations!! {nm}   horrorfanatic on Jul 14, 16:44

Thank You and Congratulations, RazorHawk! When You Manage a Fund, I BUY That Fund. {nm}   kibitzer on Jul 15, 08:05

Congratulations {nm}   srrichardson on Jul 15, 08:08

6 months and 12 days later and I'm finally at 9 digits! Happy 100M to me! {nm}   CrockettsMafiaYTD2014 on Jul 13, 06:08

That's the first great milestone. Congratulations. {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 13, 06:21

Nicely Done. A Tip 'O The Hat. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jul 13, 07:29

Well done there   blaze223 on Jul 13, 11:02

triple digits!...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jul 13, 11:54

Cheers Crocketts!! Way to go. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 13, 13:03

;) happy days {nm}   mishra on Jul 13, 16:01

6 months and 12 wonder i have such a hard time catching you in the leagues...congratulations!! {nm}   horrorfanatic on Jul 14, 16:42

dammit...i knew it...everybodys bailing on the purge. note to self...just cause your in love with lena heady doesnt mean you should back a s   horrorfanatic on Jul 12, 18:28

+1 {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 12, 18:31

So confusing ...another triple opener.....which means some desent movies won't play here again this week. {nm}   mishra on Jul 12, 20:14

I thought Feb was suppose to be the dumping ground of movies, not July. {nm}   mishra on Jul 12, 20:16

You know there will be a few traders here that will sell off/short just to irk you further.   blaze223 on Jul 13, 11:14

Holding only 5000 just not saying which way    blaze223 on Jul 13, 11:15

Port Monkey: Custom portfolio color setup is working again (Firefox), AND working for the first time in Chrome   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 12, 13:07

Huh... except I can't get the data strip color to change, in Chrome. {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 12, 13:28

Interesting. I found a workaround for that one color item, if anyone needs it...   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 13, 05:21

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