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Top MovieFunds for the Week   Awards Fund on Mar 28, 12:16

Top MovieFunds for the Month   Awards Fund on Mar 28, 12:16

Nicely done, Razor. You killed it this week. {nm}   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 28, 15:59

Could we get this in total percentage up or down [nm]? {nm}   mattep74 on Mar 29, 00:20

[SEETV] to IPO on Tuesday, March 31. Good Luck!   EarlyRetirement on Mar 28, 10:40

best woshes, & willroast has big shoes to fill; previous manager (rich) was a beast {nm}   islander on Mar 28, 11:16

Yes, bust washes tu yow. {nm}   Awards Fund on Mar 28, 12:15

Thanks for the well wishes everybody. I'll be putting in my best effort to follow in the footsteps of the excellent previous manager. {nm}   Willroast on Mar 28, 18:50

Why hasn't AMSNP.BW delisted yet?   mackey on Mar 28, 09:22

no. it will delist april 6th. was wide released on 1/16, so 12th weekend is 4/3 (fri), then delist the following mon   islander on Mar 28, 09:38

GOTCHA! You're right, that's what I was doing. Thanks! {nm}   mackey on Mar 28, 12:48

All of you newbies looking for a leg up are being presented with a golden opportunity RIGHT NOW. Pay attention! {nm}   Initech on Mar 28, 08:08

WTH - LET US KNOW! {nm}   aleksthegreat on Mar 28, 09:34

If they are Out & About, they should be Heading HOME. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 28, 09:46

Months Where You "Stagnate"   MitchC on Mar 28, 04:49

Lots of Profit Potential with these. <INSIDE>.   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 28, 06:48

Correction.   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 28, 11:43

Best strategy?(more inside)   mattep74 on Mar 28, 03:30

There are so many strategies bud. But the best one for a new player is find the best Starbonds and make your early bank that way...   Willroast on Mar 28, 03:46

Thank you(more inside)   mattep74 on Mar 28, 10:32

On weekends like this one, the best strategy is to go all-in on the surprise hit opener that is a sure thing to adjust way up tomorrow {nm}   VDIES si on Mar 28, 04:30

(You should listen to your friend VDIES. He's a cool dude) {nm}   Roger More on Mar 28, 04:31

My suggestions <inside>   EarlyRetirement on Mar 28, 08:50

@EarlyRetirement - scifi question   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 27, 19:16

I will explain inside   SCIFund on Mar 27, 21:36

Okay - I understand :) I didn't misunderstand how the fund works, which is all I care about :)   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 27, 22:41

Also, I am fully invested in 3 of the 4 StarBonds for SMEKD, so money is also coming there. {nm}   SCIFund on Mar 27, 21:44

I had just got home when I wrote my original reply...   SCIFund on Mar 27, 22:31

Oh heck yeah - you're doing a great job! I wasn't trying to criticize :) {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 27, 22:42

I did not feel you were criticizing me. Good question and hope my answer made sense. {nm}   SCIFund on Mar 28, 06:29

I think you are outpacing the learning curve by a long shot. Fantastic work. I especially appreciate your explanation. Makes total sense.   Willroast on Mar 28, 01:04

Music Fund... why aren't you trading Get Hard? {nm}   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Mar 27, 17:58

Too late, I realized i made a mistake in EAP GOD ITFLW, Should be above 20. So I unless it bombs, I may lose my 1st place :( {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 27, 11:18

I dont think you have much to worry about {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 27, 13:06

Has my Vote to Allow a Special Exception Adjustment to 20.00.   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 28, 09:53

Poll: What is the most profitable stock (in gross H$, not % gain) currently in your port?    Initech on Mar 27, 09:38

AVNG2. Paid H$365.31, currently H$536.65 for a gain of H$17,134,246.40 {nm}   JustWondering on Mar 27, 10:10

MGCM2 up $2.3 mil. Prior to that I sold off JURA4 I had held for years and made more money than God. {nm}   EarlyRetirement on Mar 27, 10:22

AVNG2 is mine as well. Bought at IPO for $220. Up $31,665,000. I'm not sure there is a more profitable stock out there. {nm}   Willroast on Mar 27, 10:28

AVNG2, up H$30,004,000 {nm}   slappydavid on Mar 27, 10:48

AVNG2 - +27.98mil , way ahead of my next highest CAPA3 - 13.1 {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 27, 11:12

+1 {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Mar 27, 14:44

AVNG2 with $31.5M, then JLEAG for $20.88M profit {nm}   BSmurf on Mar 27, 11:46

AVNG2 up 23M {nm}   tealfan on Mar 27, 12:19

AVNG2 w/ +$31.5M, highest % is GBUMP w/ +13,000% {nm}   lapuckfan on Mar 27, 12:21

FAST7 - up $22,001,000.00 {nm}   DTravel on Mar 27, 12:57

FAST7 is up 5.3m for me, followed by SMEKD with about 4m.   MattW on Mar 27, 13:21

SW16....10 million plus change...followed closely by GOTG2 and STAR8 {nm}   horrorfanatic on Mar 27, 15:39

AVNG2 is 31.6 mill; STAR7 is 14.11mill; HGAM4 is 13.87mill; CAPA3 is 13.79 mill; MNION is 11.87 mill; JB24 is 11.04 mill {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 27, 16:54

all of these I bought and held since IPO {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 27, 16:55

So Razor, was I correct in thinking that the most profit currently available on a single stock is Avengers 2 from IPO?    Willroast on Mar 27, 19:04

Yes, currently the most profitable is AVGR2 holding from IPO   RazorHawk on Mar 27, 20:57

RogerMore would be the dude to get exact numbers and amounts from {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 27, 20:59

Certainly this goes out to 007 and also you and all other old school guys. Back in the day (the good old days as I remember them)...   Willroast on Mar 28, 00:55

RH is too flattering as I don't track IPO prices, so I can't give exact numbers. But...   RogerMore on Mar 28, 13:31

Very interesting. Thanks for the info. It seems as though this is the runaway for the current version of the game. {nm}   Willroast on Mar 28, 00:49

JLEAG, around 20M {nm}   Canis on Mar 28, 18:51

Thanks to all that participated. I picked up AVNG2 at IPO and sold it with a nice profit. Totally misread that one for sure. {nm}   Initech on Mar 29, 06:46

Nielsen to tackle streaming ratings   aleksthegreat on Mar 26, 10:59

will be useless until they can track all views including tablets and phones {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 11:26

A problem   mattep74 on Mar 26, 11:40

Nielson doesnt track international households so they wouldnt be setting up this technology in those homes {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 12:13

They should also track TiVo recordings of shows people 'download' to watch at a later time, too...big audience there! {nm}   Flash on Mar 27, 09:04

They already do that if you watch it within 7 days. {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 27, 11:21

link   JDolphin on Mar 27, 11:34

How about a Celluloid Ceiling Fund?... (more)   JustWondering on Mar 26, 10:41

Oof. It stinks to say it but those numbers you just provided are probably why a fund like that wouldn't work. There just wouldn't be...   Willroast on Mar 26, 13:33

Yeah - a strange irony. {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 13:40

I think any idea should be tried, but I also think HSX should cap all funds at 100$ or one year (whichever happens first). Just because ... {nm}   WEINXFund on Mar 26, 14:09

qty is low isn't a reason, just means you got to work harder. {nm}   WEINXFund on Mar 26, 14:12

Which -- with only 54 eligible MovieStocks -- you've been doing extremely well. Hat tip! {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 26, 16:04

So there's a new Fund IPOing next Tuesday, SEETV, and it's pretty much the bomb. Mission statement inside...   Willroast on Mar 26, 06:50

So.... You wrote all that and did not once say what the actual theme and limitations of the fund ARE... {nm}   Everyone on Mar 26, 07:33

Ah, the mystery! Naw, I didn't think I needed to. TV is in the name. It's about actors and actresses that do both TV and movies. {nm}   Willroast on Mar 26, 07:43

But just for kicks...The limitations are that they need (or needed) to be featured members of their show. Main cast basically.   Willroast on Mar 26, 07:50

So anyone who is credited as a "Regular" on a TV show (i.e. before the "Guest Starring" listing in the credits).   DTravel on Mar 26, 12:49

I've been going through the (massive) list of Starbonds and looking for the ones that qualify...   Willroast on Mar 26, 14:29

Shoot, I'm sorry DTravel. I missed your main question kind of. It's any time in their career. The important part is "lead". {nm}   Willroast on Mar 26, 14:45

Is okay. But to address your longer post explaining qualifications....   DTravel on Mar 26, 21:43

This is really interesting stuff DTravel (especially the neat stuff about Lost in Space). (more)   Willroast on Mar 26, 23:34

Another category - what about shows that are from other countries but shown in the US - such as Downton Abbery, Doctor Who {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 27, 15:45

Great call JDolphin. I had considered Downton Abbey as well but have not yet gotten to any of their SBs in my research.   Willroast on Mar 27, 19:11

Another issue to consider - do Premium Channel or Streaming/VOD series count?   DTravel on Mar 28, 12:51

Yes, premium and Netflix will qualify. And I won't be investing in reality show people (unless they moved on to another primetime show...   Willroast on Mar 28, 18:58

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 07:40

What a GREAT IDEA! {nm}   James Crockett & Ricardo Tubbs on Mar 26, 10:11

Limitations?   EarlyRetirement on Mar 26, 10:34

Exactly. Guidelines are, and will be, in place. I was saying that I will let people know what they are (ie. why an SB or MS qualifies).    Willroast on Mar 26, 14:43

Reasese {nm}   Mala-Droi on Mar 24, 18:18

Release of IPOs   Mala-Droi on Mar 24, 18:19

Green Navigation Bar --> News And Events --> Market Calendar {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 24, 18:30

UNIVX Shareholder Update: All the Eggs in One FAST7 Basket. {nm}   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 24, 13:23

....and now for the rest of the post:   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 24, 13:24

"market cap and short interest"... too funny.   Awards Fund on Mar 24, 13:27

Awesome work. I think you're right on the money with that FAST7 prediction. {nm}   Qix on Mar 24, 15:33

Also, I wish LGFX could invest! Everyone else should... {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 24, 15:42

(ugh, invest "in UNIVX" I mean) {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 24, 15:48

Thanks LGFX. Would you believe UNIVX ranks 19 of 25 in total shareholders. You are 20. What sense does that make? {nm}   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 24, 16:51

For anyone not already invested: UNIVX has a very skilled manager, excellent go-forward ROI available & the H$100 delist cap doesn't apply. {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 24, 17:37

(doesn't apply "to Studio Funds") {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 24, 17:44

THR: Manage your own money or else...   aleksthegreat on Mar 24, 12:43

MoviePilot: Prediction weren't that off...Insurgent 56, Do You Believe? 6, Gunman 7   aleksthegreat on Mar 23, 11:59

its still pointless to look at these after actuals are coming in {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 23, 12:25

Your Absolutely right, my mistake - those are the estimates still off of The-Numbers....inside Actuals   aleksthegreat on Mar 23, 12:39

He meant the actuals that are coming in on Friday. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 23, 12:51

It's pointless and misleading to say it will do better than Divergent when actual box office already says otherwise. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 23, 12:28

Also, publishing predictions on Friday around noon after Thu box office has been reported make it suspect for "cheating". {nm}   Antibody on Mar 23, 12:34

Cheating? MoviePilot is releasing these numbers not me...How is it cheating? I think I'm going 2 stop posting, these rules are too much... {nm}   aleksthegreat on Mar 23, 12:41

I meant MP could use Thu evening box office when coming out with their predictions. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 23, 12:49

REALLY???? STOP POSTING??? PLEASE! :D {nm}   pharrell williams on Mar 23, 20:06

Two Thumbs Up {nm}   EarlyRetirement on Mar 24, 13:47

Do You Believe 4 mil vs 6 mil is 50% - that's way off {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 23, 15:43

Is that a Question?   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 24, 06:28

[LGFX] 2015 Fund Update: Milestone -- H$50.   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 22, 22:11

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 23, 00:41

Good work there {nm}   blaze223 on Mar 23, 01:49

Well done! {nm}   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 23, 06:23

Good Job! {nm}   SCIFund on Mar 23, 07:51

congrats {nm}   oneman on Mar 23, 07:53

Way to Go! Onward and Upward.   Awards Fund on Mar 23, 08:37

Thanks guys, appreciated. {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Mar 23, 12:29

It's been a while since I played, and I'm rusty. When do moviestocks start to fluctuate again following an adjust? {nm}   celedhring on Mar 22, 10:40

at reset tonight.... 12am PST {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 22, 11:43

Thanks. {nm}   celedhring on Mar 22, 11:59

That's 3 a.m. Eastern BTW. {nm}   EarlyRetirement on Mar 24, 13:50

Adam Sandler - & I'm not understanding how TAGs work?   cgott42 on Mar 22, 06:41

you are using the delist #s for you math... you need to use 'gross' {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 22, 07:38

Thx - what's the difference? What does Gross represent different from Delist price {nm}   cgott42 on Mar 22, 10:24

The delist price is how much it earns in 4 weeks of wide release at the box office (or 12 for limited releases)   eyescovered on Mar 22, 11:23

thx {nm}   cgott42 on Mar 22, 12:01

Which {nm}   DTshakes on Mar 24, 09:09

Which 'gross' is the one used for purposes of TAG calculation? (nm)   DTshakes on Mar 24, 09:10

If a movie doesn't report box office, stars are detached from it and it doesn't affect the TAG {nm}   lapuckfan on Mar 22, 07:49

Gotcha - so if they report the small amount from The Cobbler hisTAG will drop, if not it'll stay up {nm}   cgott42 on Mar 22, 10:22

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