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AWARD has crossed $40. It has doubled your investment in less than 2 months. {nm}   AwardsFund on Apr 19, 16:07

...thank you for that $$ in my port, AND your efforts! :) {nm}   Flash on Apr 20, 08:55

A question on shorting stocks?   rrooney on Apr 19, 09:47

My understanding is that any trades made while the price is frozen on IPO day don't affect the price movement.   MattW on Apr 19, 10:00

Price is affected only by the trades made on that day, not what is currently held. {nm}   socby19 on Apr 19, 12:16

Just curious, what's the fun in buying funds if they all end up gaining? What's the risk in that? Just not sure what purpose they serve. {nm}   Telly on Apr 17, 20:32

Excellent News - Non-Gaining Profit-Free Funds (PARAX) & (SONYX) are awaiting your Investment. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 17, 20:38

they're an affordable option for people with smaller ports trying to make them bigger {nm}   tealfan on Apr 17, 22:00

They're lower risk, lower growth options.   MattW on Apr 17, 22:34

can be useful to see how certain managers are playing. {nm}   islander on Apr 18, 06:07

It's just a game. {nm}   mike255 on Apr 18, 10:44

It's also a place for those with huge ports to 'park' money that is just sitting around in their port... {nm}   Flash on Apr 18, 14:48

What they said. And, smaller ports would want to pick the ones they expect to grow the fastest, for their investment. {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Apr 19, 15:44

Help!! Can someone explain how the OW dirivitive works? {nm}   Funkybaldhead on Apr 15, 19:33

Using the Example of the 'Transcendence' OW (TRNSC.OW) ...... <INSIDE>.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 15, 20:56

Does the OW for a wednesday release include the whole five days or just fri-sunday? {nm}   Juiced on Apr 15, 06:50

5 days {nm}   karspov on Apr 15, 07:25

Wednesday releases only count Fri-Sun for OW... if there is a Monday holiday then the OW changes to Fri-Mon {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 07:37

yes this is correct.    islander on Apr 15, 07:55

example of a Fri - Mon OW stock   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 08:07

I thought that may be the case. So I guess that actually hurts the OW stock. If it freezes on Wednesday, why doesn't it count until Friday?    Juiced on Apr 15, 10:34

MovieStocks used to halt on Wide Opening Day. When the halt was moved to Saturday, the OW was introduced to mimic the same risk in betting    Antibody on Apr 15, 10:49

I understand that but won't the stock adjust for a five day total? Why wouldn't the OW do the same? {nm}   Juiced on Apr 15, 13:00

Wed and Thu are not part of the weekend, by definition. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 15, 13:08

True. Neither is Monday. {nm}   Juiced on Apr 15, 13:23

Monday is part of a LONG WEEKEND, by definition. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 15, 13:24

How come I loose money when trading?   ndk0911 on Apr 14, 17:45

it is 'lose' and it is because of commission   islander on Apr 14, 17:57

damn {nm}   ndk0911 on Apr 14, 18:29

something else to know: chuckage. this is when the stock price goes up or down in the few seconds your trade is being processed...   islander on Apr 14, 18:37

In reality chuckage is the system taking into account the price movement your trade will have and charging you the higher price.   MattW on Apr 16, 10:55

Rather than using a penny stock to test it (which can be confusing because of the 2cent min commission)   DTravel on Apr 16, 12:47

Because you bought them when the price was too high, and now they've dropped in price. {nm}   elchan2012 on Apr 14, 18:52

Top 5 Movie Funds This Week   AwardsFund on Apr 12, 09:36

I was hoping I'd make it to the top 300 with over $3 billion but my momentum stalled and I slipped from 309 to 314 in ranking. {nm}   BuenaOnda on Apr 08, 11:39

It's VERY hard to move up spots with ports this size...I go up and down 3-7 places all the time...up.. then down.. up.. down! :-) {nm}   Flash on Apr 09, 08:14

I've been stuck in the high 200s for over a year. {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 09, 09:49

I moved up like 1 spot in the last 6 months or so :) {nm}   Oleg Max on Apr 09, 10:24

Hmmm - grory is Stuck in the Same Old Place. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 09, 11:52

Grory reign will be over in 2 years from now. {nm}   mike255 on Apr 09, 13:51

Earth Years or Zoltar Years? You might want to Show your Math.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 09, 15:46

Oleg max will catch up if he make 3 billion vs grory make 1 billion per year {nm}   mike255 on Apr 09, 16:03

A Net Gain of +2.0 Billion per Year would require more than four (4) Years from now to Overtake.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 09, 17:07

Assuming Grory has 0% growh, a 2.0B year over year growth for Oleg would be 17.39%, compounded would take 3.42 years. {nm}   elchan2012 on Apr 10, 08:39

Grory is making 10 million a week vs Oleg, Ratty make 40-50 million a week?   mike255 on Apr 10, 14:56

+40 mil per week = 2 billion per year. 8.4 bill ahead / 2 bill = 4.2 yrs. Math is not your strength Mike. {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 10, 15:20

Elchan. My account can't be found in how profitable    mike255 on Apr 07, 21:14

Sorry I was cleaning up the userlist, you must have gotten removed by accident. I added you back in. Any one else have the problem?    elchan2012 on Apr 07, 22:50

Thank God for Starbonds. I got killed by, The Winter Soldier, this weekend. {nm}   elchan2012 on Apr 07, 17:43

Things die in the Winter. :P {nm}   DTravel on Apr 07, 18:51

...only to be reborn and renewed in the spring. {nm}   PVL Admin on Apr 08, 17:31

Re-shorting yielding results against such an advocate. Good thing spring is on its way. {nm}   elchan2012 on Apr 08, 22:16

Unfortunately there weren't any good ones. {nm}   BuenaOnda on Apr 08, 11:38

Probably means the CAPA2 starbonds which are better than good!!! That's going to be a very nice Tuesday {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 09, 02:02

any guesses on...   jaymel on Apr 06, 19:24

I think 220 or more. Cap 2's box office after 4th weekend will be over 200m I imagine. {nm}   MattW on Apr 07, 13:35

Cap 1 delisted at a ratio of 2.4 to OW. If that remains similar, the delist should be around 228-231. I guess strike price at 200-220 {nm}   AwardsFund on Apr 07, 13:40

Goonies 2   Jason07 on Apr 05, 18:36

(GONI2) & (RDONN) - both Inactive. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 05, 18:48

Why is Chris Cooper no longer listed on Amazing Spider-Man 2 stock?   CactusLand on Apr 05, 16:52

you could check the starbond page or coopers page. both will tell you that he is not credited {nm}   islander on Apr 05, 17:05

Yeh, I see that now, but at one point, he was listed on both pages, that's why I bought the starbond in the first place. {nm}   CactusLand on Apr 05, 17:21

His detachment was posted on the Stars Board and tagged. {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 05, 20:13

This might be of some help. <INSIDE>.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 05, 17:10

If you don't trade alot, you should use Elchan's Portfolio Health Check tool, to see the bonds you're holding the wrong way (link)   JDolphin on Apr 06, 15:42

Thanks! {nm}   CactusLand on Apr 06, 16:35

Elizabeth Olsen starbons is underpriced. I have $20,000 shares, worth $30,000 right now. After Avengers 2 drops, it's gonna be worth    CactusLand on Apr 05, 15:55

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   CactusLand on Apr 05, 15:56

She will actually be going Down a bit on her next Adjust on May 12. No Need to TAG the StarBond.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 05, 16:21

Noted. What are the rules for tagging/not tagging? {nm}   CactusLand on Apr 05, 19:03

whoa whoa dont want roto to answer that. short answer: if its important, recent news, then tag. never for general questions {nm}   islander on Apr 05, 19:24

Here is some guidance on tagging:   RogerMore on Apr 05, 21:19

It's going to go up quite a bit after Godzilla. Then more after Avengers. {nm}   MattW on Apr 05, 16:07

Save your 30,000 and in a month you can buy her for half the price {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 05, 20:20

You can shorting the stock until may. Then but it in adjust. {nm}   mike255 on Apr 06, 07:08

Congratulations to March 2014 "Port Value League" Winners. New players needed at junior levels. Grads have moved up (apply/results inside)   PVL Admin on Apr 05, 15:08

Congratulations to 1st Quarter winners of 2014 (results inside)   PVL Admin on Apr 05, 15:10

[AWARD] monthly report to shareholders - March 2014   AwardsFund on Apr 05, 11:39

Why is (AWARD) Invested in 'Stretch' (STRTC)? Did Brooklyn Decker Win the Oscar for 'Battleship'? {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 05, 12:13

Error. Fixed. {nm}   AwardsFund on Apr 05, 12:49

Thank You. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Apr 05, 13:10

Top 5 Movie Funds This Week   AwardsFund on Apr 05, 11:34

Check spid5 cast. Something has change. Check what are you buying. Or selling. {nm}   mike255 on Apr 03, 09:41

Is there a way to see how much you paid for a stock if you've had it for more than 30 days? {nm}   mjrisgod on Apr 03, 08:29

Presuming you mean where you've bought it at various times so the "Avg Paid" isn't enough   srrichardson on Apr 03, 08:49

I use that a lot...I think that particular search goes beyond 30 days {nm}   tealfan on Apr 03, 09:07

yes, that's what i meant, and thanks so much for the info!! {nm}   mjrisgod on Apr 03, 20:17

How often do "Concept" movie stocks get picked up? The penny stocks can't hurt me, but I'm wondering if they ever pay off or get propelled   CactusLand on Apr 01, 15:43

'Concept' is last phase of a moviestock before it is considered a dead project....   RazorHawk on Apr 01, 16:50

Not disagreeing with RH, but I believe HOBIT was concept during the Time Warner vs MGM war...go figure. {nm}   StarBond Fund on Apr 01, 20:31

HOBIT was concept = nobody was working on it (due to legal issues)... when the issues got resolved it went to development {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 02, 09:01 about LGEND ??? {nm}   StarBond Fund on Apr 02, 19:02

LEGND concept = nobody was working on it (due to script issues)... in 2002 WB President Alan Horn did not like the script and shelved it   RazorHawk on Apr 02, 19:35

Penny stock is good. You got nothing to lose   mike255 on Apr 02, 01:26

What happens at 4.99 dollars? {nm}   karspov on Apr 02, 16:28

You don't want to know ;-) {nm}   srrichardson on Apr 03, 08:45

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