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Well i hope those who gave the Opening Weekend Fund abuse note which way this weekends OW is held   blaze223 on Nov 22, 02:24

And will the holders of the 26 million long holders of the OW be crying into their beer on Monday   blaze223 on Nov 22, 02:26

I guess that'll be somewhat of the opposite of a hooray-day.. {nm}   Facto on Nov 22, 04:36

Down over 11M so far today....... Anyone better?? (Or.. "better") {nm}   Facto on Nov 21, 21:08

Make that 13,2M..... {nm}   Facto on Nov 21, 21:30

Look at the person 3 spots above you (and 2 spots above me) - 19 mil down ouch {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 21, 23:42

That would've been me as well if I hadn't logged in at all yesterday (and put a brake on those lethal tributes and their mayhem..... ) {nm}   Facto on Nov 22, 04:15

WAs   blaze223 on Nov 22, 02:09

Made a little and made 14 spots    blaze223 on Nov 22, 02:11

I'm down 3 spots but only 4-5 million behind to regain that. I guess those in-between reacted faster or stay mostly out of movie stocks. {nm}   Facto on Nov 22, 04:33

Why The DOWN Market Today (11/21)???   jusTravis on Nov 21, 20:31

I'm down 3.5 mil for no apparent reason. I don't even have Hunger Game stock, which is plummeting. {nm}   CactusLand on Nov 21, 20:34

I am up 2.5 million. Maybe It has something to do Toy story 4 Ipo {nm}   mike255 on Nov 21, 20:40

11 years here and you are tagging stocks for their movement? Thansk for the laugh.. {nm}   karspov on Nov 21, 21:01

Are you ready Ipo Toy Story 4 tomorrow? {nm}   mike255 on Nov 21, 11:52

Yep Got enough cash to gets it. {nm}   Dorfman on Nov 21, 13:24

had to sell off more than I wanted to, problem spent a couple miles in commission but hey it was for a good cause {nm}   gibster420 on Nov 21, 16:33

couple million I mean {nm}   gibster420 on Nov 21, 16:34

Finally cracked the top 1%. How appropriate that a movie about morons put me over the top. [nm]   Initech on Nov 20, 07:39

Kudos to you!...keep going...but cracking the NEXT .9% is TOUGH! :-) {nm}   Flash on Nov 20, 08:23

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 20, 18:56

Well done hit the 99% percentile bracket three times last week think it might stick now   blaze223 on Nov 21, 09:30

You're in there. Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 21, 13:03

Introducing the Fifty Shades of UNIVX fund....Go Big or Go Home! [nm]   UNIVXFund on Nov 20, 07:29

A little confused about star bonds and TAGs...   vadym on Nov 19, 23:35

The 'Gross' - Total Box Office - to a Maximum of 250 MILL. <INSIDE>.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 20, 00:30

The biggest I can remember is Blind Side (2009) - BLDSD which gained $100 additional gross added to tags {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 20, 02:22

Was not here for it - 'Titanic' (TITAN) - 42.75 Delist - 600 Gross (250).   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 20, 04:33

Heh, TITAN was a rom-com? {nm}   ndmaster on Nov 20, 06:59

That number is inaccurate. TITAN delisted at H$197.88   Antibody on Nov 20, 10:13

Starbonds adjusted under a different system when Titanic delisted, so your Wally Wiggins post is worthless (plus you have incorrect data) {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 20, 17:52

Maybe AVATR? $430m at delist, $760M total gross. Also MBFGW - $23M at delist, $241M total gross {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 20, 18:27

Oh, more recently FROZE - $192M at delist, $400M total gross {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 20, 18:28

MBFGW might be tops depending on when the star bond system was changed {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 20, 22:31

nope - any gross over 250 doesn't count - so none of those are tops for star bond ADDITIONAL grosses {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 20, 22:29

So those additional grosses are added unceremoniously and the price just goes up as if the stock is increasing? {nm}   vadym on Nov 20, 08:42

The additional grosses are added with the weekly box office from ERC. Prices moves only based on trading. {nm}   Antibody on Nov 20, 10:15

It only comes into play the next time star bond adjusts - example inside   srrichardson on Nov 21, 04:31

This was about STAR BONDS so any gross over 250 DOESN"T COUNT - so Blind Side is still tops! {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 20, 22:22

Take a look at my loony 90 days! A roller-coaster indeed.   CactusLand on Nov 19, 10:38

I guess pics don't show up in these forums?   CactusLand on Nov 19, 10:41

they do...I do it all the time...not sure why yours didn't come out {nm}   tealfan on Nov 19, 12:26

?   CactusLand on Nov 19, 16:40

Well, that's embarassing. I tried dragging the photo, as well as copy and paste. Someone mind telling me what I may be doing wrong? {nm}   CactusLand on Nov 19, 16:42

It needs to be hosted somewhere else. {nm}   Antibody on Nov 19, 18:24

shouldn't dumb and dumber 2 call have cashed out at 3.11? {nm}   jjbst68 on Nov 18, 06:18

how do you figure that? strike price was 35, actual b.o. 36.11, cash out price 1.11 {nm}   Oleg Max on Nov 18, 06:55

Perhaps was Using the Adjust Price (38.05) - or the 38 part of the Adjust Price. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 18, 10:03

I would assume he was adding back in the $2 IPO price... {nm}   lapuckfan on Nov 18, 15:01

opening week fund sucks   Choray911 on Nov 17, 19:49

not sure what you're referring to...they're maxed out on HGAM3 {nm}   tealfan on Nov 17, 22:08

the stock page says they've fully invested {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 17, 22:09

I'm guessing money was tied up until OW delist. Boo hoo that they didn't buy in on your timeline. Shameful comment IMO.   PVL Admin on Nov 17, 22:25

No it doesn't. Thanks OPENR for the vote of confidence in a Lionsgate release this weekend. Hopefully the RS tracking will prove accurate! {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 18, 00:59

I'm not buying the negative hype. this movie is going to do low to mid 160s {nm}   OPENRfund on Nov 19, 16:14

It's not my time line, its THE time line. {nm}   Choray911 on Nov 18, 10:36

HGAM3.OW has gained $8 per share & the price of the stock is still $18.48 & going down. What am I missing? {nm}   Choray911 on Nov 18, 10:49

HGAM3.OW has decreased in value today, hence OPENR is dropping in value slightly...   Lucky_Muppet on Nov 18, 11:14

It will be difficult, but I love the challenge. interstellar did hurt, but every week is a chance to make more money {nm}   OPENRfund on Nov 19, 16:17

(OPENR) took a -12% Hit on (NTSTL) & its Derivatives & Missed out on the (HGAM3.OW) Increase. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 18, 11:58

That should Read - 'the (NTSTL) Derivatives'. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 18, 11:58

OPENR can only invest in the derivatives, not MovieStocks. {nm}   Antibody on Nov 18, 11:06

Top MovieFunds for the week   Awards Fund on Nov 15, 11:16

woot! [nm]   UNIVXFund on Nov 15, 14:09

The Universal Fund has now doubled in value. Hope you are all along for the ride! [nm]   UNIVXFund on Nov 14, 17:52

Nicely Done. Thanks for the PROFITS. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 14, 18:41

Birdman adjust - will this include ALL previous box office in the adjust? If so...   nkliph3 on Nov 14, 08:21

Yes, the Calendar says BIRDM adjusts on Sunday with Previous Box Office + (3.0 * Box Office Fri-Sun)   Flash on Nov 14, 08:37

Previous box office is added to this weekend, only this weekend is multiplied by 3.0 [nm]   Initech on Nov 14, 09:12

Sorry, that was mush. This weekend is multiplied by 3.0, then previous BO is added. [nm]    Initech on Nov 14, 09:13

Makes sense, thanks. {nm}   nkliph3 on Nov 14, 10:49

Should be at 9.1-9.2m through thurs, means it needs about 4.8m for the weekend to meet the current price   MattW on Nov 14, 09:12

Selling Stock I shorted.    MitchC on Nov 13, 12:21

cover it {nm}   Lucky_Muppet on Nov 13, 12:27

Request: Is there anyway to bring back these HSX reports? Link   Bleachigo on Nov 10, 22:27

There must be a reason they stopped doing them, but you can always request it on the Feedback & Support Board {nm}   Flash on Nov 11, 08:12

Yeah the report looks like it had some accurate data...but also a lot of work for who ever puts it together   Bleachigo on Nov 11, 08:53

I track different weekend predictions at the following link   RogerMore on Nov 11, 18:41

@RogerMore thanks I.ll give it a try {nm}   Bleachigo on Nov 12, 06:04

Btw RogerMoore you have Dumber movie listed as DUMB2. It's actually DUMB3. {nm}   Dorfman on Nov 12, 06:37

That was dumb of him. :P   DTravel on Nov 12, 13:23

Christmas day openers   MattW on Nov 10, 10:14

Hope this helps. Answer - YES.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 10, 10:45

Thanks   MattW on Nov 10, 18:07

a few mins ago   jaymel on Nov 10, 06:38

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Nov 10, 06:57

Kudos to ya! On to $100M!! {nm}   Flash on Nov 10, 07:55

NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!! {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Nov 10, 08:58

I have 58 HSX Players on my watchlist... 34 of them are in the red for the month of November {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 07:18

It's been a tough month thus far. It's no going to get any easier with another bloodbath bound to take place on the 22nd Nov. {nm}   Lucky_Muppet on Nov 09, 09:19

I'm probably 'not' one of them, but I've been in red almost daily AND I'm in red for the month TOO! :-( {nm}   Flash on Nov 09, 10:09

Your watchlist? Are you homeland security?   MattW on Nov 09, 11:09

To compare your performance against theirs. {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 09, 11:42

'Trader Watchlist'   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 12:39

who's on your watch list? {nm}   CactusLand on Nov 09, 16:31

top weekly players, top 24 ltd, fund managers, proteges, people who post alot claiming to know stuff, promising players, etc... {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 16:53

September was not great for me and I was in the red for October but so Nov isn't bad. {nm}   DTravel on Nov 09, 15:03

"so far" {nm}   DTravel on Nov 09, 15:03

I'm up .35% for the month. I guess my short strategies help in the bad months. {nm}   ndmaster on Nov 09, 15:49

I just can't catch a break! It's like my net worth histroy has an asymptote at H$590 Million, I can't go past it. {nm}   CactusLand on Nov 10, 08:18

"The Blood Flows RED in November!" {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Nov 10, 08:59

It's been rough... {nm}   eyescovered on Nov 10, 10:20

Remember, remember the [m0nth] of November... {nm}   PVL Admin on Nov 10, 23:56

This is just a prediction: I notice that Avatar 2 and the Untitled Star Wars film are both scheduled for December 2016.   CactusLand on Nov 08, 18:16

Probably won't release the same weekend, but they'll both stay in December. The market will expand to allow both to do well. {nm}   ndmaster on Nov 08, 20:51

Top MovieFunds for the Week   Awards Fund on Nov 08, 13:42

SequelsFund is actually INA, so disregard their placement. {nm}   Awards Fund on Nov 08, 17:07

Some of the funds are going to take some damage tomorrow with their derivative choices...   Lucky_Muppet on Nov 09, 06:57

It was an excellent film {nm}   OPENRfund on Nov 10, 18:31

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