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anyone here talk??? {nm}   chewie5500 on Oct 04, 12:20

Yes, I think most people here can speak. Glad I could clear that up for you. {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 04, 12:50

This isn't Ashley Madison. We are real. {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 04, 12:51

Though we may have a player named Ashley Madison.... {nm}   DTravel on Oct 04, 14:18

And there are probably less women posts then men {nm}   JDolphin on Oct 04, 14:49

and less bots. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Oct 04, 23:47

Top Movie Funds for the Week   Awards Fund on Oct 03, 09:25

The H Top Traders league has been reset for a new competition-190+members,find out why,hope to see you there {nm}   TheHTopTradersAdmin on Oct 02, 02:45

League public for a short time to invite new traders {nm}   TheHTopTradersAdmin on Oct 02, 02:46

[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund week 3 report.   hyper on Oct 01, 23:28

Congratulations to 3rd Quarter PVL winners. (results inside)   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 01, 20:08

Leagues are reset and new quarter contest has begun. {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 01, 20:09

Congratulations to September's Top PVL Players (results inside)   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 01, 20:06

Player's exceeding league limits have been graduated. Be sure to apply to next level. New players welcome. {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Oct 01, 20:07

[AWARD] Sept 2015 - Report to Investors   Awards Fund on Oct 01, 19:28

Sequelsfund october outlook   SequelsFund on Oct 01, 03:01

The CRIME Fund has returned. Buy it if ya knows what's good for ya. {nm}   Initech on Sep 30, 06:15

*whew* good thing I just bought it before I clicked to this Board! :-) {nm}   Flash on Sep 30, 08:04

that's an offer I can't refuse {nm}   tealfan on Sep 30, 09:03

My arms got twisted. {nm}   DiNar0 on Sep 30, 11:22

the day finally came when he called upon me to do a service for him {nm}   tealfan on Sep 30, 15:04

Just when I thought I was out ..... They (Initech) pull me back in.   Michael Corleone on Sep 30, 17:19

Do You Enjoy Making Profits? Note: 09-25-2015 IPO: The Crime Fund [CRIME] Managed by Initech! {nm}   kibitzer on Sep 29, 13:50

Modest Correction: IPO 09-29-2015! {nm}   kibitzer on Sep 29, 13:51

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Can't wait to see what I can do with twice as much seed money! {nm}   Initech on Sep 29, 17:04

IPO price is a steal! You'll murder the competition! Money so easy, it's larceny! And other schtuff... {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Sep 29, 17:14

Welcome back! "Everybody needs money. That's why they call it money." (Heist, 2001) {nm}   Qix on Sep 29, 17:22

The Week in Review/The Week Ahead: The Universal Fund [UNIVX], Episode 3   UNIVX on Sep 28, 18:20

Very interesting and thanks. {nm}   blaze223 on Sep 29, 12:41

What kind of drops do you think we will see from Hotel Transylvania 2?   RamsFan2004 on Sep 28, 09:47

Watch out that probably comes under the category of "price movement performance". {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 28, 10:15

In that case disregard this. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Sep 28, 10:35

You're post is perfectly fine. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 28, 11:16

*Your {nm}   Antibody on Sep 28, 11:16

Cool. Thanks for clearing it up. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Sep 28, 11:25

No, box office potential. "Given how much box office HTRN2 has made so far, how much do we expect it to make going forward?" {nm}   RogerMore on Sep 28, 10:57

Hard to say... it's all market forces, but "most" (NOT all) stocks do drop some after adjust, people selling off to move on... {nm}   Flash on Sep 28, 11:39

Part 1 opened for ~$5M less and has a 2.79 multiplier to delist. {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Sep 28, 12:19

I'm going to pay closer attention to how it compares to the 1st ep. probably less than 2.7 beacuse its a sequel and maybe frontloaded {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 28, 12:38

No children's entertainment in the next frame, though. Week 1 to 2 could be solid. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Sep 28, 13:45

[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund week 2 report.   hyper on Sep 28, 02:24

Top Movie Funds for the Week   Awards Fund on Sep 26, 10:02

Thank You, Rocket123 {nm}   kibitzer on Sep 27, 08:36

NP {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Sep 27, 11:31

Thanks Rocket, I guess I'll just have to let the numbers do my talking for me :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 28, 01:32

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   hyper on Sep 26, 00:18

You are still talking about price movement performance. Discuss box office potential of upcoming releases.   Antibody on Sep 27, 09:44

I don't care about "box office potential"! I'm a trader pure and simple. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 28, 01:31

That's fine, but HSX doesn't want stock manipulation, and quoting prices sometimes encourages that..this is the reason. {nm}   Flash on Sep 28, 08:26

I suggest you read my report above for my rebuttal. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 28, 09:21

I suggest less rebutting and more thinking about what Flash and D.Mac are saying.   RogerMore on Sep 28, 11:30

I hear you RM...   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 28, 11:57

I'm just letting you know the reason they don't like it... you may agree or disagree, but I doubt they'll change their position... {nm}   Flash on Sep 28, 11:38

With immediate effect Fox Studio Fund [FOXX] will cease communication with investors.   hyper on Sep 25, 12:18

It was a valid point about the penny stock arcade - but aside from that, don't let one poster get you down. {nm}   Roger More on Sep 25, 19:36

i didnt get moderated or call him a name but im at fault here? whatever roger, i'll try not to let you get me down {nm}   islander on Sep 26, 05:49

I didn't say it was anyone's fault. But I find that when I get a response from a player I already don't like, I tend to take it more   Roger More on Sep 26, 07:24

Nail on head :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 26, 07:33

The scrubbing is no big deal, we can all make inadvertent mistakes from time to time. Please keep posting your fund updates! {nm}   Qix on Sep 25, 21:15

You're on track to set Studio Fund records, and are doing an amazing job   FranklynStreet on Sep 25, 21:21

I haven't written a message on the boards in 10 years...   C.Woolery on Sep 25, 21:59

Thanks guys, I'm touched. I acted in haste... updates to continue :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 25, 23:49

That was cool. {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Sep 27, 19:42

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   hyper on Sep 25, 00:34

font too small! also, penny stock arcade: is that a good idea? {nm}   islander on Sep 25, 05:49

Mr. Pedant, right on cue...   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 25, 06:06

could asking people to tell you what stock to buy and then buying it and then, likely, all them buying it be considered manipulation?   islander on Sep 25, 06:31

Font too big! {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 25, 06:48

Bad idea. Please discuss about box office potential, not price movement potential. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 25, 11:06

Could someone post the link to the intraday chart? I lost almost all my data due to notebook crash...Thanks {nm}    sphere on Sep 23, 11:39

Here it is.   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Sep 23, 12:41

Thank you Roto! {nm}   sphere on Sep 23, 12:47

OK...   edzep - Port Monkey! on Sep 23, 13:24

I cannot manage it with PortMonkey...I installed grease, as I should, java too, but portmonkey does not work :( {nm}   sphere on Sep 24, 06:39

Browser: firefox {nm}   sphere on Sep 24, 06:39

Most likely problem relates to the yellow warning note on the Port Monkey page...   edzep - Port Monkey! on Sep 24, 08:04

Finally, it works! Thank you, I remeber I tried a few years ago also, now I did it :) {nm}   sphere on Sep 24, 11:57

You can do it straight from the each novie stockpage now. Just click on the change today price {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 23, 18:21

Heh, that's Chimp doing that.   edzep - Port Monkey! on Sep 24, 01:41

Oh I didn't realize that. Thanks, just another reason to LOVE Chimp!! {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 24, 02:23

The Week in Review/The Week Ahead: The Universal Fund [UNIVX], Episode 2   UNIVX on Sep 21, 10:47

A question for teachers that have incorporated HSX into their students' coursework...   SEETVFund on Sep 19, 22:43

Darn it. I meant to post that from my main account. It's me asking the question, not the fund. haha {nm}   Willroast on Sep 19, 22:44

I don't use it, but if I did...   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Sep 21, 12:20

So you have mike255 in your class, right? {nm}   DTravel on Sep 23, 12:09

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