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Razorhawk, this is great!

Posted by: CrankYanker on Apr 18, 10:09 in response to RazorHawk's post cranky = generation warfare...

I'm showing it to ST if you don't mind....the "ancient generation" will get a kick out of it!

why are players so cranky/offensive lately? :) {nm}   islander on Apr 13, 06:24

Why do you have to post dumb crap like this? Ya stupid a##... {nm}   PRodQuanta on Apr 13, 06:54

:) {nm}   PRodQuanta on Apr 13, 06:54

ever since the break room switched to decaf {nm}   tealfan on Apr 13, 07:11

*punches you for not telling me theres a breakroom* {nm}   islander on Apr 13, 08:03

then you didn't know about the free donuts? {nm}   tealfan on Apr 13, 08:35

well, i could prolly stand to skip the doughnuts (________|________)   islander on Apr 13, 08:48

Ahh...not like the old days...Scapey the goat, mmike, the Prophets (some of THEM were cranky)... much different now. {nm}   Flash on Apr 13, 07:57

They need a nap.   eyescovered on Apr 13, 08:14

God, I so need a nap. This baby-maintenance thing is hard work. {nm}   Paul2k on Apr 13, 18:06

Not sure. I'd hate to sift through all the different sites for news, though. Maybe I'll mute my keyboard. {nm}   arf on Apr 13, 08:37

cranky = generation warfare...   RazorHawk on Apr 13, 09:01

This. And get off my lawn, you darn whippersnappers!!!   eyescovered on Apr 13, 09:33

Ditto. Plus tone is hard to convey in words. Too easy to accidentily sound snarky online. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 13, 10:01

It's also too easy to take snark too personally. {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 13, 11:18

True. Been guilty myself on both counts. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 13, 17:23

That's an awesome post! Quite a fun read! :) {nm}   slappydavid on Apr 13, 10:55

Agreed. {nm}   PRodQuanta on Apr 13, 12:53

Wow - so do the HSX boards reflect life or does life reflect the HSX boards ;-) {nm}   srrichardson on Apr 16, 01:04

I will bookmark this post! I read it and said "exactly" and "bingo" alternatively a dozen times. NAIL ON THE HEAD.   PVL Admin on Apr 17, 22:38

Razorhawk, this is great!   CrankYanker on Apr 18, 10:09

yeah, we're ll doing this for fun, right? so it should be peacful and light and, y'know, fun.   Jane_Citizen on Apr 15, 03:36

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