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Here is the pattern of Bucket List delists for the past few years...

Posted by: accountant_4_Jesus (a.k.a del_SJW_accountant_4_Jesus) on Apr 30, 18:48 in response to Jane_Citizen's post The key thing is HSX discretion, so you don't know...

The last one was in late November 2011, the one before that was May 25, 2011, the one before that was December 31, 2010, the one before that was April 9, 2010. So it appears that the actual delist date can range from early April to early summer season for the first, and late November to late December for the second round of Bucket List delists.

Bucket List? wtf is that? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:14

Actors that have no release movies that counted towards their TAG in the last 3 years.   nomyst on Apr 30, 18:15

Here is an explanation for you...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:18

The key thing is HSX discretion, so you don't know if/when they will delist.   Jane_Citizen on Apr 30, 18:29

Sorry that should be reply to the original question {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Apr 30, 18:29

The pattern to the delists is what I've observed from the past 2 years of delists.   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:31

why would you invest in something if it isn't really going to go up or down, necessarily?    Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:34

At his TAG price from what I read. Anyone can confirm... {nm}   nomyst on Apr 30, 18:35

To use JVOIG again as an example...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:38

Okay, now I understand...finally! Thanks. Bucket listers are a product of our own research? Is someone else doing the work for me? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:41

RazorHawk has a list on his website of potential Bucket List candidates (per the link that Rocket123 posted below). {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:42

KaiGee site has a list too (link inside)   JDolphin on Apr 30, 21:30

Here is the pattern of Bucket List delists for the past few years...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:48

The final question is about HSX discretion: what are the probabilities of them actually delisting if they're on the bucket list?   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 19:41

That's something that can't really be answered by us, only DMac knows when the Bucket List delist is scheduled to occur.   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 19:58

That's the problem for small ports - you could be holding them for 1 month, 6 months or longer {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 30, 21:32

THANK YOU For compiling those dates! I've been holding some of them since March! {nm}   arf on Apr 30, 20:52

One last point...MWEBB will make 1393 total StarBonds on 48 pages. A delisting of a dozen or so will keep us away from    Buy StarBond Fund 18 on May 01, 09:09

Read RH's explanation. {nm}   PVL Admin on Apr 30, 18:38

Ah good! Someone did the dirty work for me!! {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:45

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