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"mind me asking" ^^ {nm}

Posted by: Dave3626 (a.k.a del_VUA_Dave3626) on Jun 05, 13:28 in response to Dave3626's post The "old strategy" was what exactly? If you...

Stuck in a rut   Dave3626 on Jun 05, 11:05

Having spent 13 years to get to $200 million but significantly less to do the next $158 i may not be an expert    blaze223 on Jun 05, 11:22

I would say constantly assessing where I'm at in the game helps me   alfpaulytd2012 on Jun 05, 12:32

I have no quick reply for "quick reply" box except to say "more inside"   Dave3626 on Jun 05, 13:17

i'd say that JSEGE and the other 2 big % bonds yesterday were more circumstance driven   alfpaulytd2012 on Jun 05, 13:58

Dave - Know exactly where to place your funds. Get in tpoch with me {nm}   scott108 on Jun 06, 05:46

Part of the fun of the game is to adjust your strategy as your port grows...   slappydavid on Jun 05, 13:17

Yeah, for a while slappy and I had the same strategy and did really well, but it gets exhausting and you start having lots of cash lay aroun   PRodNano on Jun 05, 13:24

The "old strategy" was what exactly? If you don;t me asking, that is.. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 05, 13:27

"mind me asking" ^^ {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 05, 13:28

Inside   PRodNano on Jun 05, 15:03

What was the adjustment that you made? {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 05, 13:26

I basically started investing in openers some months in advance...   slappydavid on Jun 05, 13:48

I almost left this game as got so fed up with losing money. now ive changebmy playing style and im excited again. keep going. {nm}   swordfish1 on Jun 05, 14:02

You're stuck in a rut? That's interesting because we started our accounts at nearly the same time and we have almost the same $.    121Jigowatts on Jun 05, 14:19

I take that back.....   121Jigowatts on Jun 05, 14:30

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