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making money starting out

Posted by: jackpieters on Mar 18, 05:03

Hey guys abd girls

I just started trading a few days ago and eventhough I'm sue the big money is made correctly judging hits far in advance as I'm new to trading I was wondering if there was anything specific I could focus on if I wanted to make some money in a short time (almost day trading )even if is small amounts at a time while I build up my know.

Thanks a mill

making money starting out   jackpieters on Mar 18, 05:03

Play Cold Cash and the other games in the Earm & Spend H$ column - it's free money. Look at the boards and play news. There's often money to   RogerMore on Mar 18, 07:56's some thoughts I found helpful when I started a long time ago...   Flash on Mar 18, 08:08

thanks a mill   jackpieters on Mar 18, 08:52

Buy things based on ROI   dupa on Mar 18, 11:41

The options can yeild a very good return. {nm}   ****erillrt on Mar 18, 20:08

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