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I'm sorry for my ignorance, but what am I missing about news on THOR?

Posted by: darknightz on May 04, 21:40

Last estimates for the weekend box office that I saw checked in at high 50's and yet the stock remains poised at 173 for a $64 million weekend box office.  I thought that the estimates released would have drove this stock down further by now.  In addition, Fast Five's success looks like it might take quite a chunk out of THOR's box office too.  Am I analyzing wrong?  Thanks for responses in advance!

I'm sorry for my ignorance, but what am I missing about news on THOR?   darknightz on May 04, 21:40

My crystal ball says it has no clue what the movie will do ;)   jane_citizen on May 04, 21:57

HAHA nice reply XD Man I never thought [THOR] would be such a toss up. I was so sure it could do IRNM numbers!! {nm}   darknightz on May 04, 22:02

I'm not sure why people keep comparing it to Ironman - just because of Marvel? Most of those who saw Ironman in theaters, have probably neve   Facto on May 04, 22:16

That was my reasoning too. But I don't really buy the whole semi-realistic thing. I feel like Iron Man's suit is   darknightz on May 04, 23:48

Don't forget Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark was getting a lot of buzz too, I can't remember off the top of my head who plays Thor. {nm}   stevie1der328 on May 05, 13:15

Just a little piece of advice... It's fine to talk about a movie, but unless you're posting news, best not to tag the stock page. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on May 05, 00:16

Why is price so low ? {nm}   generalzoo on May 05, 10:04

Help me understand    generalzoo on May 05, 12:45

[THOR] is good. It will do well in cinemas/theaters worldwide. Marvel/Paramount/Branagh all good. {nm}   Elvis186 on May 06, 03:50

[THOR] was good in 3D. Hopkins/Hemsworth/Portman/Dennings all good castings. Loki gd in teaser.   Elvis186 on May 06, 03:54

Then short the stock and move on   bloopster on May 04, 22:48

oh, I didn't know that. sorry!! {nm}   darknightz on May 04, 23:42

my female geeky friends have been seeing this multiple times   spinks on May 04, 23:05

fanservice? {nm}   Facto on May 04, 23:08

giving the fans what they want   spinks on May 04, 23:14

Interesting analysis (spoilers)   Facto on May 05, 00:03

Kat Dennings can play whateva she wants. ;) {nm}   Dorfman on May 05, 06:36

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   deniel on May 05, 00:07

More spam. Has a link to a pirate site. {nm}   Catzan on May 05, 00:36

I just can't believe this is doing so well in Europe. He looks totally unbelievable as a god, he's a pale and clean wimp with makeup.   Skauge on May 05, 04:44

Who exactly looks believable as a god anyway, though, right? It's a lot to ask of an actor ;) {nm}   jane_citizen on May 05, 05:45

Good point! It would help if they could replace the eyeliner and powder with some scars and dirt. {nm}   Skauge on May 05, 05:53

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