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Tagging [PIRT4] {nm}

Posted by: accountant_4_Jesus (a.k.a del_SJW_accountant_4_Jesus) on May 16, 16:55 in response to notfabio's post Mtc pirates 93

Tag(s): PIRT4

Mtc pirates 93 {nm}   notfabio on May 16, 10:16

Thanks! {nm}   Catzan on May 16, 10:20

Thanks. At least it didn't come in well below RS. {nm}   Rolling_Thunder on May 16, 10:22

and here we go with the rollercoaster for PIRT4...wheeeee (Django gave me stomach problems yesterday) {nm}   Paul2k on May 16, 10:27

what do I not get about PIRT4, MTC has it priced considerably higher than HSX? why all the selling? {nm}   lobogotti on May 16, 11:43

It was already down before notfabio posted. {nm}   Antibody on May 16, 11:50

cool, thanks. haven't been around much. it is hard to stay competitive if you aren't attending class. {nm}   lobogotti on May 16, 11:57

High price...clearing H$ for the next target maybe. Fear of negative reviews, perhaps...that was the push from yesterday. the % movement was   Catzan on May 16, 11:51

the last two opened to 115M &135M. the 2nd Pirates had a 13M midnight (I think) and a 25M Monday, which brought the weekend to 140M. {nm}   lobogotti on May 16, 12:00

I think it got caught in the savage selling tsunami at reset. It should rebound later today and into tomorrow. {nm}   PVL Admin on May 16, 12:10

I'm having Shrek Forever After deja vu {nm}   BrilliantMovieGuy on May 16, 12:33

Tagging [PIRT4] {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on May 16, 16:55

Preview of Pirates   generalzoo on May 17, 04:18

The OW is matching the MTC price, so why is the movie stock so low? I don't understand the crowd... {nm}   petz on May 18, 07:34

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