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SCAR5 - 4/20/12, CORIA - 12/2/11, HALW3 - 10/26/12, IRNLD - 12/16/11 (Oscar Push) {nm}

Posted by: lobogotti on Jun 17, 15:39 in response to gaules' post Here you go (link)

Theres big news re: release dates. Where my newsies at? (I can't link right now) {nm}   islander on Jun 17, 15:16

Here you go (link)   gaules on Jun 17, 15:25

SCAR5 - 4/20/12, CORIA - 12/2/11, HALW3 - 10/26/12, IRNLD - 12/16/11 (Oscar Push) {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 15:39

that's HUGE news for SCAR5. the last one opened to 40M+ and made 90M domestic (180M worldwide). {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 15:43

Past performance =/= future results, see SCRM4. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 17, 16:19

the stock was priced at 5.50 at the time of my post. even at 10M OW there is a ton of money to be made. {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 16:35

Your post implires a 40M OW, not 10M. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 17, 17:29

i just stated the facts. i didn't imply that it would make 40M. it was priced at 2M. getting a release date that is 10 months away is   lobogotti on Jun 17, 17:34

*half {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 17:34

It's great for HALW3 too... they never should have released the Rob Zombie sequel in August against Final Destination.   secretstalker on Jun 17, 16:27

agreed. his vision with the series is pretty damn good. {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 16:35

Release dates for [SCAR5][CORIA][HALW3][IRNLD][MYWWM][ARTST]    secretstalker on Jun 17, 16:03

i was eating Jimmy Johns, can you cut a man some slack? :) {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 16:06

Is that a person or a restaurant? {nm}   BionicMoron on Jun 17, 16:09

lmfao...thanks a keyboard/screen just got soaked {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 16:16

Man, you're on a roll tonight! {nm}   secretstalker on Jun 17, 16:26

MYWWM - 11/4/11, ARTST - 11/23/11 {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 17, 15:41

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