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mtc cow 41 smurf 20 crazy 14 {nm}

Posted by: notfabio on Jul 25, 11:35

mtc cow 41 smurf 20 crazy 14 {nm}   notfabio on Jul 25, 11:35

Ouch for CSL. {nm}   ShawnMR on Jul 25, 11:38

double ouch {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 25, 11:39

The question is .... what went wrong with the film's marketing? {nm}   Peterlee on Jul 25, 11:41

Too much old people stuff for the kids, too silly for older people. (photoshop joke in trailer is terrible, if that's the level of wit... {nm}   islander on Jul 25, 11:45

yeah, that is a bad joke. {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 25, 11:47

indeed it is, but I want to see that movie, even if it's just because of Emma Stone {nm}   LogBomb on Jul 25, 13:07

do you have a suggestion? the trailers did it for me just fine. {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 25, 11:47

Sorry. I really can't figure out, and I am surprised by the film's bad tracking {nm}   Peterlee on Jul 25, 11:54

The trailer wasn't great for me and didn't get any noticeable reactions from what I saw {nm}   xiayun on Jul 25, 12:34

Emma Stone overexposure (FwB, this, and the already being marketed THELP), no real plot given (seems like vignettes) {nm}   HarryWarden on Jul 25, 13:04

I know you loathe her, but she wasn't marketed that much in relation to FWBFT {nm}   SparkleMotion on Jul 25, 17:11

yeah trailer looked campy to me. too old-fashioned {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 25, 15:17

it looks like crap. {nm}   Anniebecca on Jul 25, 16:27

rs and mtc both too low for C vs. A, rotten tomatoes "want to sees" alrrady 36k and reviews 80% (4/5) {nm}   BrilliantMovieGuy on Jul 25, 11:49

Even BO has C vs A at 36. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 25, 11:54

What was the "want to sees" count for other recent openers? {nm}   BionicMoron on Jul 25, 12:20

i have never seen a movie make less than a million per 1,000 want to sees. So if this gets to 40k by friday 40mm would bd the floor {nm}   BrilliantMovieGuy on Jul 25, 12:33

Let's test this idea: BMG says a 1000: 1 ratio. This afternoon, CBALN has just over 35k; SMURF, just below 19k, and CSLOV, below 13k...   second gary on Jul 25, 13:50

It does indeed seem to mirror current tracking pretty closely.   BionicMoron on Jul 25, 14:06

all the limiteds kill his theory {nm}   alfpaul on Jul 25, 14:41

I don't trust anyone who calls themselves a Moron to be one either lol {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 25, 15:39

Oh, huge dissapointment!   bapi on Jul 25, 12:22

MTC tagging [CSLOV] [SMURF] [CBALN] {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 25, 15:19

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