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here's the evidence (google " "edzep @ #1")

Posted by: RogerMore on Jul 28, 08:16 in response to second gary's post Presumably this info is still on the backboards...

Top 100 H$ gainers over the past week (congrats to mroast @ #1)   KaiGee on Jul 27, 18:57

thx!...35mil to get in...darn {nm}   tealfan on Jul 27, 19:02

Yeah!!! #49 {nm}   malificent on Jul 27, 19:06

Thanks KaiGee. Could you modify the charts a la Billboard, and include columns for "ranking last week," and "weeks on chart"?   second gary on Jul 27, 19:07

Good ideas, I'll add em to my list. Doesn't HSX say that too? {nm}   KaiGee on Jul 27, 19:11

Not that I'm aware of; on a daily basis, sure, but I meant a column to state "were you in KaiGee's weekly top 100" last week, and...   second gary on Jul 27, 19:45

That's exactly what I thought you meant, and I already started working on it...   KaiGee on Jul 27, 20:08

And that # of weeks is consecutive, including this week {nm}   KaiGee on Jul 27, 20:10

I'm assuming that once things are set up, then on a week-to-week basis chart mgmt requires not so much time?   second gary on Jul 27, 20:14

I still mourn the loss of your data... which held evidence that I made #1 one time! {nm}   edzep on Jul 27, 20:49

Presumably this info is still on the backboards somewhere, if you had wireless and a long trip with not much to do or to see. {nm}   second gary on Jul 27, 20:54

here's the evidence (google " "edzep @ #1")   RogerMore on Jul 28, 08:16

Thanks RM. Nice search key. But, see, it's not immortalized on {nm}   edzep on Jul 28, 09:16

I'll attest to that. {nm}   grammar on Jul 27, 21:22

Ha, I keep doing just enough to make the list. {nm}   ingenious on Jul 28, 09:07

The trends pages are very interesting. Thanks.   second gary on Jul 27, 19:58

But, couldn't one of those other films get released before LIFPI?   edzep on Jul 27, 20:46

It doesn't matter: any release which reports box office will cause his bond to go up. {nm}   second gary on Jul 27, 20:48

Ah, I see that now (having checked the KG chart). Ca-ching. {nm}   edzep on Jul 27, 20:54

TWC bought DTAIL but max reduction is about 24 from TAG, even for a .01 delsit, but TMAGU may be a short term short if not being bought. {nm}   Buy BONDS 17 Now (EURO Too) on Jul 28, 11:12

Correction, it would only go up $20, not $30. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 28, 00:17

You're right: I was reckoning on SBSCT's delist, and not final. On the other hand, I think I can convince someone to see LIFPI with me...   second gary on Jul 28, 01:28

You and your friend are seriously going to pay $15M per ticket? :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 28, 07:24

3-D charges will likely be higher by the end of 2012. OTOH, perhaps there will be a groupon offer, you know, two 15M tickets for $6 each. {nm}   second gary on Jul 28, 09:14

Thanks much. Way to go! {nm}   edzep on Jul 27, 19:09

Wow - great upgrades in your format - as always very appreciative of your posting this data! {nm}   MAlbi on Jul 27, 19:19

KaiGee, your site is looking sweet, I can see great potential in what you are doing there! Thx! {nm}   mroast on Jul 27, 19:20

Very interesting site, no idea it was out there....thx for this list {nm}   alfpaul on Jul 27, 19:22

the site is pimp. i have officially moved over to yours completely for all my bond trading. thanks again for the list! {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 27, 19:23

Thanks for that, KaiGee! Can't believe how low I ranked this week though... {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 27, 20:06

And Paul, you're slipping! What's going on? :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 27, 20:07

Heh. With the move to the East Coast, I can no longer reset trade, so I'm falling behind. Alas, it was a good run. mroast is killing it! {nm}   Paul2k on Jul 27, 20:18

I hear ya on the East Coast. Reset trading should be changed to a time that's fair for everybody in the US. {nm}   Juiced on Jul 27, 20:55

Maybe you should move to the east coast of Aus... I can do reset trading at 5pm here ;) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 28, 00:18

The best site for Starbonds ever! {nm}   Juiced on Jul 27, 21:06

No.....The ledger by blaize and the AB chart at hsbr had features that were untouched   Buy BONDS 17 Now (EURO Too) on Jul 28, 11:17

Starbond daily ROI off for one category of bonds. . .   Abraxas on Jul 27, 22:04

I am falsely listing SBO that only have 1 MST and will therefore not adjust, you missed BMARL from that list also, & as far as missing ...   KaiGee on Jul 28, 05:54

I didn't know Hollywood were visionaries enough to announce a movie releasing in 18,000 years' time... :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 28, 07:26

58, yeah {nm}   billy on Jul 27, 22:32

40th - my highest yet, brill! {nm}   TheMackenzie on Jul 28, 01:32

Thanks for the list, and the site as well. it's the first time I knew about your site. Keep up your good work! {nm}   extepan on Jul 28, 03:15

#46 {nm}   fourstars on Jul 28, 07:42

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