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BOM: [OLOTG] gets 8/15/12 date, [PARKR] gets 10/12/12 date

Posted by: Oleg Max (a.k.a del_CIH_lviv) on Aug 08, 10:15 in response to Jelly's post Disney already setting up their big lineup for 2014......


did not see it posted or tagged...


Disney already setting up their big lineup for 2014... sort of.   Jelly on Aug 08, 10:08

I believe this was posted last Friday. {nm}   HNIF on Aug 08, 10:12

BOM: [OLOTG] gets 8/15/12 date, [PARKR] gets 10/12/12 date   Oleg Max on Aug 08, 10:15

oops, sorry for the    Oleg Max on Aug 08, 10:15

so do we know what these titles are?   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:21

I'd guess one of the Marvel is CAPA2; the other one DRSTR or ANTMN. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 08, 10:24

Could be an Avengers sequel, too. {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Aug 08, 10:27

good guesses. CAPA2 is probably a definite and be interesting to see what the other is. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:29

Ant Man would seem to make sense rather than immediately following Spid5 with a huge tentpole like avengers 2 {nm}   notfabio on Aug 08, 10:29

they probably kept them untitled because even they are unsure. would like to see what they do with ANTMN {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:31

for the May date. They may be waiting to see intl gross on Cap {nm}   notfabio on Aug 08, 10:32

while you're around, wouldn't have happened to run accross MTC yet would you? TIA {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:34

Is KELVS solely a Disney animation, or a Pixar one? {nm}   Paul2k on Aug 08, 10:30

pretty sure its strictly animation {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:30

Perhaps it's CARS3:Lassiter's Revenge? {nm}   Paul2k on Aug 08, 10:39

LMAO....NO! {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:39

As expected John Carter is getting an Imax 3d release 3/9 {nm}   notfabio on Aug 08, 10:23

Lionsgate jsut dated Catching Game, HGAME2. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 08, 10:32

I mean Catching FIRE. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 08, 10:32

wow...without even knowing how it will fare. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:32

It will fare well. I'll go out on a limb right now. $50 million plus opening. {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Aug 08, 10:39

nice. that would be impressive indeed. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:40

Crud, and DRKHR was just moved from the 23rd to the 25th of Dec. That's Sunday, right? How's that multiplier going to go? {nm}   Paul2k on Aug 08, 10:35

ughh. DMac can we get an official ruling on multiplier before the stock starts to go crazy? {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:37

Probably Two-day weekend: 4.8*Box Office Sun-Mon. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 08, 10:39

very nice indeed. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:41

DRKHR would only need to make 8.6M on Sun-Mon to hit its current price at a 4.8 multiplier {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:43

seems easy enough, but then you realize it's first day is xmas day, a generally smaller day, and its up against Holmes 2 and MI4 for action    Paul2k on Aug 08, 10:46

10M seems not out of the question for an alien invasion film. trailer doesn't look great, but it's no Skyline either {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 08, 10:56

doctor strange? {nm}   Nightfury82 on Aug 08, 10:39

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