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Some George Gallo, Bill Murray, too. I could name 20 other movies, and there would be other overlaps.

Posted by: DTXbro on Aug 20, 17:33 in response to Professor Frink's post Lot's of Michael Keaton in that list.

Left off Dream Team because it made double its baseline budget.

Saturday Movie Poll: With the BO so weak, I was wondering what guilty pleasure flick you enjoy that done poorly at the theatre? {nm}   damenchipguy on Aug 20, 12:24

Clue from the mid 80s and I enjoy Lady in the Water {nm}   damenchipguy on Aug 20, 12:25

I never saw it in theaters, but I LOVE the movie clue {nm}   Dorfman on Aug 20, 12:59

I liked Lady in the Water too. Not many did. Love me some Giamatti! {nm}   stevenj1127 on Aug 20, 14:48

Showgirls {nm}   Facto on Aug 20, 12:26

Heart & Souls, Biker Boys, Funny Farm are a few of my favorites.....not sure how bad one would classify them. I have tons more. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 20, 12:27

a bit old, but Sergeant Pepper, the one with the BeeGees. {nm}   perply1 on Aug 20, 12:31

Closed you eyes and just enjoyed the music.....well maybe not Mr. Kite (George Burns) {nm}   Buy StarBondFund (EURO too) on Aug 20, 12:50

The Negotiator; A-Team; Step Up 2; Always; Rumble In The Bronx {nm}   RazorHawk on Aug 20, 12:32

Waterworld {nm}   tealfan on Aug 20, 12:43

Joe Versus the Volcano, Water (Michael Caine 1985) {nm}   ronin66 on Aug 20, 12:45

Joe Versus the Volcano is a classic! {nm}   Dorfman on Aug 20, 12:59

Really? Been a long while since I've seen it, but I remember as one of the worst movies ever {nm}   islander on Aug 20, 13:14

It was gawdawful. I still want my 90 minutes back. {nm}   PrezBO on Aug 20, 13:25

"I have no response to that."   Professor Frink on Aug 20, 14:48

"I'm not arguing that with you. If I said that, I would be wrong" {nm}   moles on Aug 20, 15:19

Scarface {nm}   Dorfman on Aug 20, 13:06

Big Trouble In Little China {nm}   PrezBO on Aug 20, 13:10

One of my all time favorites. {nm}   mrbeankc on Aug 20, 19:23

Dating myself here but Cherry 2000 {nm}   mrbeankc on Aug 20, 19:24

Donnie Darko, but that may be crossing into cult territory: I'm not sure if cult and guilty pleasure territories are adjacents or overlaps. {nm}   second gary on Aug 20, 13:14

my favorite movie of all times actually, you will enjoy it! {nm}   theycallmediddy on Aug 20, 13:30

Super Troopers. The film is always hysterical no matter how many times I watch it. {nm}   LonePirate on Aug 20, 13:19

Bubbahotep {nm}   forlorne on Aug 20, 13:28

I love Walter Hill's "Streets of Fire." {nm}   helmetz on Aug 20, 13:37

Yeah, it was a great 80-minute music video, even with the corny dialog. {nm}   not2fast on Aug 20, 13:42

Diane Lane is a goddess. {nm}   Professor Frink on Aug 20, 14:50

Beerfest {nm}   Professor Frink on Aug 20, 13:43

Is that one anything like Strange Brew with Rick Moranis? {nm}   perply1 on Aug 20, 13:54

broken lizard movie; it's about competitive beer drinking with crazy drinking games. {nm}   Professor Frink on Aug 20, 14:44

Midnight Run, Lost in Paradise, Night Shift, Stripes, And Justice For All, Kingpin, Sgt. Bilko, Multiplicity, Johnny Dangerously   DTXbro on Aug 20, 13:58

Lot's of Michael Keaton in that list. {nm}   Professor Frink on Aug 20, 14:45

Some George Gallo, Bill Murray, too. I could name 20 other movies, and there would be other overlaps.   DTXbro on Aug 20, 17:33

KingPin is guilty pleasure. I loaned that to a coworker and she loved it. I got with All of Wes Anderson, especially Life Aquatic {nm}   bigler2002 on Aug 20, 22:41

anyone remember the original version of the mask, not the Jim Carrey version?   perply1 on Aug 20, 14:49

Caddyshack 2 {nm}   stevenj1127 on Aug 20, 14:57

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS! Running Scared, The Collector, Can't Hardly Wait, The A-Team, Step Up 3D {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Aug 20, 15:16

Super Troopers and Beerfest. I like to watch those as a double-feature. {nm}   HNIF on Aug 20, 15:29

House of the dead, million dollar mystery, bad post-alocalyptic flicks like Idaho transfer {nm}   islander on Aug 20, 16:27

Alocalyptic?!? Yes I m drunk posting frommycuzs wedding {nm}   islander on Aug 20, 16:28

Which I just left because there weren't apparently any desperate single ladies. A few geriatrics but noo {nm}   islander on Aug 20, 17:23

Oh... "The night of the comet." {nm}   second gary on Aug 20, 17:34

I loved that when I was a kid but me and my brother I thought were the only ones to ever see it. {nm}   damenchipguy on Aug 21, 04:29

Guilty pleasure: Spice World   Jane_Citizen on Aug 20, 18:51

Spice World is hilarious and awesome! {nm}   Biff68 on Aug 21, 05:58

Never Back Down; The Last Dragon; Forgetting Sarah Marshall (yes, the latter did OK...but I regard it as a top 10 movie all time) {nm}   GMov on Aug 20, 19:01

Mallrats {nm}   The Commish on Aug 20, 19:41

The Island, Speed Racer, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World {nm}   Buckramega on Aug 21, 03:40

"Ishtar" was hilarious. To my friends me only, apparently. {nm}   Kevvboy on Aug 21, 06:11

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