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was referring Toy Story 1+2 re-release {nm}

Posted by: xiayun on Sep 27, 09:22 in response to TheWeekendWarrior's post I really don't think that many people paid attention to...

mtc poorhouse edition 8 dream 8 50 6.5 courageous 6 number {nm}   notfabio on Sep 26, 11:34

Tagging [DRMHS], [5050], [COURG], [WYNUM] {nm}   Paul2k on Sep 26, 11:37

Thanks for the numbers, btw. {nm}   Paul2k on Sep 26, 11:38

I find it hard to believe that Number in 3,000 theaters will make less than Courageous in 1100... been seeing non-stop commercials for #. {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Sep 26, 11:45

i find your hard-to-believ-idness hard to believe. number as well as house look terrible. 50 looks like wait for cable. {nm}   islander on Sep 26, 11:56

If 50 looks like wait for cable, what would it take for a dramedy to be worth seeing in theaters? {nm}   tribefan695 on Sep 26, 12:16

i was thinking more along the lines of people not really wanting to pay to see films about cancer. i would think one could look   islander on Sep 26, 12:54

94% on RT, for what it's worth {nm}   tribefan695 on Sep 26, 12:57

I have seen countless ads, too. But I saw the same number of ads for I Don't Know How She Does It. {nm}   dsbman on Sep 26, 11:57

Yeah, same here; the trailer has been received well from what I saw, especially the last joke {nm}   xiayun on Sep 26, 12:51

Ah, September, the least exciting month of the year box office wise. {nm}   BionicMoron on Sep 26, 12:25

Really? I think I'd go with February. Either way, they're both pretty bad. {nm}   Chest Rockwell on Sep 26, 14:30

February has VD and President's Day weekend, which gets bigger releases. {nm}   BionicMoron on Sep 26, 18:33

After a record-setting weekend for September, this weekend bounds to come back down some especially with great WOM for current top holdovers {nm}   xiayun on Sep 26, 12:50

So then will Lion King be #1 again? {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 26, 14:33

Dolphin Tale will be more likely {nm}   xiayun on Sep 26, 14:53

I was going with Dolphin Tale until I saw that Lion King wasn't losing that many theaters but I haven't looked at actuals yet {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Sep 26, 19:55

I still think it will drop 50% or more; TS re-release only lost 15% of its theaters when extending on its 3rd weekend but still lost 60%   xiayun on Sep 26, 20:23

I really don't think that many people paid attention to the "limited engagement" thing... I never noticed it mentioned in commercials   TheWeekendWarrior on Sep 27, 03:46

was referring Toy Story 1+2 re-release {nm}   xiayun on Sep 27, 09:22

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