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MTV: Brian Grazer "We're going to do [DRKTW] with HBO,"

Posted by: Antibody on Oct 25, 10:00

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MTV: Brian Grazer "We're going to do [DRKTW] with HBO,"    Antibody on Oct 25, 10:00

"and we'll do the movie with⦠to be determined. We'll do it right." {nm}   Antibody on Oct 25, 10:02

So the budget is now $100M for three movies and two TV series? Good luck with that. {nm}   PrezBO on Oct 25, 10:08

where does he say that? {nm}   Moviesnob on Oct 25, 10:32

Budget for the project was ~$140M before, they took a $40M cut. If I'm remembering incorrectly, beg pardon. {nm}   PrezBO on Oct 25, 10:34

I believe that was just for one movie. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 25, 10:38

Thanks, I stand corrected then. {nm}   PrezBO on Oct 25, 10:54

but i think you are right if you mean they are being too ambitious. Its the best strategy to start with making one good movie/tv series {nm}   Moviesnob on Oct 25, 11:01

HBO is doing great things with True Blood and the Game of Thrones series of books. That's the direction they should take.IMHO. {nm}   PrezBO on Oct 25, 11:06

That's just for the planned TV series... they're still doing a separate movie. Way to confuse the market, D :) {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Oct 25, 10:04

+1 {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Oct 25, 19:09

I'll bet my meager port that the movies never see the walls of a theater, this gets to be striclty TV. IMHO {nm}   PrezBO on Oct 25, 10:06

If it was pay cable or something like AMC, I would be fine with this never hitting the big screen. It needs time to play out... {nm}   skamanfu on Oct 25, 10:20

The title of the lead post is misleading... and the market ran with it... {nm}   dioneta on Oct 25, 12:46

Yup and I'm buying..   JeffVanGully on Oct 25, 12:52

I replied right away with the second part of the quote. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 25, 15:32

Your voice carries weight and my first thought was the HBO is going to handle the project. The stock has been crashing since {nm}   dioneta on Oct 25, 16:10

*runs around screaming in a panic* "It's LONER all over again!" {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Oct 25, 16:22

The posts are 2 MINUTES apart. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 25, 16:27

Don't worry, DMac, I still love ya :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Oct 25, 17:06

Why not put the whole quote in the original post, it would have fit {nm}   lapuckfan on Oct 25, 16:18

i didn't see it the first time. If you read the MTV article, it's not mentioned until below the video. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 25, 16:26

Its obvious that the impact of the "bold" post led people to bail on the stock.. its been steady for awhile until today when it crashed {nm}   dioneta on Oct 25, 17:08

would you hae scrubbed the OP if it wasn't your own? methinks maybe. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Oct 25, 19:10

If u read nikkis says the movie will be made too... {nm}   b4bad on Oct 25, 15:27

Yeah, the HBO is not gonna want us. What are we gonna do now?   Michael Bluth on Oct 26, 08:52

Why is the stock going up when the theatrical release looks to be dead? {nm}   Paulocai on Oct 26, 16:51

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