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Honestly, it's something we see every day at this point. Not sure why it should seem odd in movies.

Posted by: TheWeekendWarrior on Dec 31, 08:42 in response to HarryWarden's post Product placement: Does it irritate you?

People are going to complain about seeing iPhones all over movies they watch... and then they pick up their own iPhone and tweet about it.

Product placement: Does it irritate you?   HarryWarden on Dec 31, 08:30

I'm fortunately neutral about PP. Rarely notice it. I do leave the cinema with a strange desire for Coca Cola and iPhones though... {nm}   numbersix_99 on Dec 31, 08:36

Honestly, it's something we see every day at this point. Not sure why it should seem odd in movies.   TheWeekendWarrior on Dec 31, 08:42

i agree with you, or they'd cover up/alter part of the actual name leaving actors to drink "epsi" or to wash their clothes with "fide" (nm)   Beer Wench on Dec 31, 09:15

Speaking of generic brand stuff, why the fake phone numbers that start with 555? I want to call the Gohostbusters, dammit.   stevie1der328 on Dec 31, 09:19

OK,,,for a good time call Jenny at 867-5309 forgot the area code {nm}   mrbinns on Dec 31, 10:25

Some interesting uses of that number...where one might least expect it... (source wikipedia, not peer reviewed)   PVL Admin on Dec 31, 13:47

Depends on how conspicuous it is.   TFeeney on Dec 31, 09:23

You mean like a recent movie where they are in Times Square and a big billboard is promoting "Game of Shaodws?" {nm}   mrbinns on Dec 31, 10:28

Ugh, that was wretched. I remember Sbarro, Toshiba, and Nokia being in there too, among others.   Jelly on Dec 31, 11:19

Wonder whether they'll alter that billboard for the video release to promote Game of Shadows on Blu-Ray. {nm}   TFeeney on Dec 31, 13:36

I agree. Worst product placement I have ever seen though was the TV show Eureka. They did a one hour long car commercial for an episode. {nm}   mrbeankc on Dec 31, 12:22

Showing a product is one thing, talking about it is another   Zaba on Dec 31, 12:42

Actually, it bugs me more when they have labels turned *just* away from the camera.   tawdryhepburn on Dec 31, 12:07

How about when the semi nude Victoria Secret models are plastered all over bus shelters while a driving scene is ongoing? Simply shameless.   PVL Admin on Dec 31, 13:53

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