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Missed MEW tags for [KNCUP] and [HORZN] sorry. {nm}

Posted by: Paul2k on Jan 22, 18:47 in response to Paul2k's post MEW: new projected production start dates for [OGODF]...


MEW: new projected production start dates for [OGODF] [HOHOR] [INSLD] [DSPDO] [IFRNK] [BLOUT] [IFRNK] [PJAC2]   Paul2k on Jan 22, 18:46

Missed MEW tags for [KNCUP] and [HORZN] sorry. {nm}   Paul2k on Jan 22, 18:47

Psssst! There is a football game about to go into overtime quit posting news. :) {nm}   Vashta Nerada on Jan 22, 19:08

I bet he has the PC just beside the TV ;) {nm}   karspov on Jan 22, 19:26

Or a laptop {nm}   HarryWarden on Jan 22, 19:30

I have a 32" TV on the desk, next to the monitor. So there. :)- {nm}   Vashta Nerada on Jan 22, 19:48

I think I no longer need my PC beside TV since commission free period is gone .. There's no need to stay glued anymore ;) {nm}   karspov on Jan 22, 20:01

Just curious where you base the projected production dates information from? {nm}   MaxTheRounder on Jan 23, 12:04

Here's the link   Antibody on Jan 23, 13:59

Awesome, thanks!! {nm}   MaxTheRounder on Jan 23, 16:04

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