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We'll soon find out I'm sure but if the F bomb gets thru anything is possible. {nm}

Posted by: grammar on Feb 28, 21:07 in response to Jane_Citizen's post Selectively, apparently ... :) :)

MF: Just Bleep The F&^#ing Profanity: Why Getting A PG-13 For BULYP Is More Important Than Fighting The MPAA.   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Feb 28, 20:51

The Roto totally disagrees with this strategy. Like it or not, this is how kids talk (and text). {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Feb 28, 20:52

Fuck, man, plenty of adults, too.   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:03

OOOOH! {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:03

It's not "OOOOH!", it's "BLEEP!" :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Feb 28, 21:08

There's no sense of naughty thrill in 'bleep' :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:11

Touche. :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Feb 28, 21:20

Wholly ... we are getting bleeped anymore? lol JaneC! {nm}   grammar on Feb 28, 21:05

'aren't' {nm}   grammar on Feb 28, 21:06

Selectively, apparently ... :) :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:06

We'll soon find out I'm sure but if the F bomb gets thru anything is possible. {nm}   grammar on Feb 28, 21:07

Probably it's best that my internal message appears as I had anticipated, though.   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:09

You get one swear per billion H$ {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 28, 21:11

And I wasted mine on a dumb gag ... {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:15

Onwards to $2 billion, then! {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:15

Seeing as I've got two and I won't use them, I'll give mine to you :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Feb 28, 21:20

Awww... it's kind to give a gift you wouldn't yourself like but you know someone else will :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:28

The comma through off the auto-censor {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Feb 29, 05:09

Has anyone on this board not seen or heard that word before? And if so, have your delicate sensibilities been destroyed from reading it? {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Feb 29, 02:37

I'll never look at the world the same way again! *sob* :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Feb 29, 13:56

Certainly some of them but I would venture to say that kids 13 and under - not the majority. I believe kids should see this movie but    grammar on Feb 28, 21:04

I agree, actually, in this case. Although I guess it depends on the context.   Jane_Citizen on Feb 28, 21:14

whats it matter, aint one teen in this whole country interested in going to see a weinstein documentary {nm}   islander on Feb 28, 22:23

AGREE {nm}   ReaperXXX on Feb 29, 00:00

yeah but, yeah but, schools might wanna show it to their students. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Feb 29, 00:25

I wonder if part of the hoopla over it is apprehension at realizing that yes, this is how kids converse. {nm}   BorderLand on Feb 29, 05:48

I have to say this looks like it's about the saddest movie ever. A debate over swear words seems to miss the point.   Chest Rockwell on Feb 29, 08:02

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