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hobbit or the bat man. {nm}

Posted by: adrenalin112 on Mar 11, 13:21 in response to b4bad's post Which movie do you think will have the biggest opening...

Which movie do you think will have the biggest opening this year?   b4bad on Mar 11, 13:02

Dark Knight   BorderLand on Mar 11, 13:02

I'm not so sure this'll break the record. Dark Knight had a ton of hype surrounding Ledger's performance, especially after his death. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Mar 11, 13:10

Maybe so, but people also loved it. It's ranked #8 on the Imdb. They expected just as much from the 3rd installment. {nm}   DOW53 on Mar 11, 13:15

(imdb top 250) {nm}   DOW53 on Mar 11, 13:15

I agree for all of these reasons, plus the "end of the Batman saga" will also draw in people. The only advantage AVNGR has over BATM3 is    RogerMore on Mar 11, 15:12

90 minutes doesn't sound right at all for AVNGR. Plus I just read it's close to 2 1/2 hours long, which is 150 minutes.   Jay_Beezy on Mar 11, 17:48

Colin was messing with you when he said that. He linked the 1998 movie "The Avengers" as the gag source to back himself up. {nm}   Jelly on Mar 11, 19:01

Phew! That's a relief. {nm}   Roger More on Mar 11, 19:17

The Dark Knight Rises. {nm}   thatpj on Mar 11, 13:56

What about the fact that Avengers opens with 3D? I think that'll definitely be a problem for TDKR in terms of opening   darknightz on Mar 11, 15:54

I don't think there is a significant difference. If you give people the choice between 2D and 3D, they will mostly pick 3D. But if you   DOW53 on Mar 11, 16:26

BATM3 will have IMAX shows, which will help. {nm}   Roger More on Mar 11, 16:34

Awesome. With Hans Zimmer's music it'll be amazing. I still remember seeing Inception in Imax. {nm}   DOW53 on Mar 11, 16:40

No question. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Mar 11, 17:47

Tough call. I say it's between Avengers and Dark Knight, but I would have to with Dark Knight also.   DOW53 on Mar 11, 13:08

It will not be Mirror Mirror, that is as far as my knowledge of the matter goes. {nm}   BionicMoron on Mar 11, 13:19

hobbit or the bat man. {nm}   adrenalin112 on Mar 11, 13:21

Mid December and prequel kills Hobbit chances at biggest OW {nm}   notfabio on Mar 11, 13:48

It can still be huge overall of course but twli5 has the best shot of anything not in Summer {nm}   notfabio on Mar 11, 14:00

This last one didn't seem to have some air deflated out of it, tho? {nm}   BorderLand on Mar 11, 14:05

*I mean DID seem... {nm}   BorderLand on Mar 11, 14:05

That is what happened to Harry Potter 7A and then 7B exploded {nm}   notfabio on Mar 11, 14:07

Yeah, you're right, didn't think of that... {nm}   BorderLand on Mar 11, 14:14

Finding Nemo 3D :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Mar 11, 16:16

Geezz.... I would have gone for GOON, but maybe I'm wrong... {nm}   Lukasck on Mar 12, 10:24

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