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Thanks for posting that, I really enjoyed it. {nm}

Posted by: Ryan_Stewart (a.k.a WritingActingDirecting) on Mar 17, 17:51 in response to TheWeekendWarrior's post Here's the full trailer for [PROME]... hope you're...

Here's the full trailer for [PROME]... hope you're wearing Depends or something easily washed!   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 17, 17:02

I am squeeing and agogging all over the place now. {nm}   Paul2k on Mar 17, 17:12

Clean up on Aisle 2k! {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 17, 17:13

Btw, did anyone else think that the opening shots looked like a video game cinematic? {nm}   Paul2k on Mar 17, 17:52

Wow! {nm}   thatpj on Mar 17, 17:14

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   slappydavid on Mar 17, 17:14

Sorry! :) {nm}   slappydavid on Mar 17, 17:15

For Unlawfull Carnal Knowledge? {nm}   gogreen on Mar 17, 18:12

*From {nm}   PVL Admin on Mar 17, 18:14

For Unwillingly Crapping Keenly... (seems an appropriate response to the trailer!)   slappydavid on Mar 17, 18:51

Worse = *Word... Bah! {nm}   slappydavid on Mar 17, 18:52

That's a goooood trailer. {nm}   second gary on Mar 17, 17:21

But of course.   grammar on Mar 17, 17:21

Holy... {nm}   DOW53 on Mar 17, 17:32

I think my balls just dropped! Again. {nm}   TheMackenzie on Mar 17, 17:36

it *looks* amazing, but i may be just a bit disappointed it seems plotwise too much like the Aliens films   islander on Mar 17, 17:45

zzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ {nm}   dsbman on Mar 17, 17:46

Now Zorro, this is a class in penmanship. You can't just keep writing "Z" and expect a passing grade. Try some other letters. :) {nm}   second mr. toyama on Mar 17, 17:50

OMG, that's funny! {nm}   PVL Admin on Mar 17, 18:02

Thanks for posting that, I really enjoyed it. {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Mar 17, 17:51

That's a great trailer, but I have to say I got more enjoyment out of these posts! {nm}   PVL Admin on Mar 17, 18:01

That is very cool. {nm}   banke005 on Mar 17, 18:28

Oh my! Could it challenge Matrix Reloaded's record for the biggest R-rated opening ever? {nm}   xiayun on Mar 17, 18:51

Not if it ends up being PG-13 {nm}   Andre C on Mar 18, 00:01

Gore, sex and murder are ok. As long as they don't use the F word 5 times, they will be PG13 {nm}   PVL Admin on Mar 18, 00:24

Nice tight trailer. In space no one can hear you oooo and aaaaaah. ;-)   Catzan on Mar 17, 19:23

Meh. Overrated. {nm}   HarryWarden on Mar 17, 20:36

Always the contrarian {nm}   Facto on Mar 17, 22:21

He's not always contrary. Ask him what he thinks about P3DD. !:) {nm}   PVL Admin on Mar 17, 22:36

Please be good. Please Please be good {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 17, 23:05

Boring trailer. I'll pass. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Mar 17, 23:07

Yep. {nm}   HarryWarden on Mar 18, 00:18

UK Trailer here:   pdh1978 on Mar 18, 15:05

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