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I'm not advocating going incognito, it hasn't worked in the past. I'm saying he can't be two separate personas even if he tried. {nm}

Posted by: Antibody on Mar 20, 14:24 in response to BionicMoron's post Based on personal experience, making up a screenname and...

WW posted his prediction for HGAME: $121.5m   xiayun on Mar 20, 09:54

Ridiculous. Who's buying th hype now. So after accusing me of manipulating the stock price with 125 OW options when HGAME   Antibody on Mar 20, 09:58

but it's a *really frontloaded* $121 million {nm}   mickpix on Mar 20, 10:02

I don't understand why he was so passionate about how the stock is overvalued if he doesn't really think its overvalued. {nm}   dioneta on Mar 20, 10:31

maybe he truly does feel that way about hgames, but if he publicly goes out on a limb on his own and is wrong,    adrenalin112 on Mar 20, 11:00

I think his opinion has changed over time (based on new info). And even though his prediction has gone up, it's still lower than the "hype"   The Commish on Mar 20, 11:02

It's fine to change your opinion, but what does it say when you dismiss someone else's opinion, only to change you opinion to match theirs. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 20, 11:20

Unfair. He clearly said that all posts and predictions... are related to certain moments in time. {nm}   JMT-NL on Mar 20, 11:03

So his posts and predictions can't be trusted if they keep changing. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 20, 11:19

And yet you were part of posting the changing predictions for THR over the past few weeks, which are STILL TAGGED.   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 20, 12:28

I don't see THR or BO or RS coming on the HSX boards and criticizing other people's posts. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 20, 12:31

I'm not criticizing anybody's "posts"... I'm criticizing what they're linking to, and I've told you now repeatedly WHY.   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 20, 12:35

It's clear you want to separate TWW as the HSX player and TWW as the journalist/critic. But you can't have it both ways here.    Antibody on Mar 20, 12:51

No offense, but do you understand English? Everything you say has already been addressed in my posts on this very board.   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 20, 13:04

No, you have not addressed the hypocrisy of your flip-flipping. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 20, 13:19

Nor will I, because it's not true.   TheWeekendWarrior on Mar 20, 13:26

How can you say a story is inaccurate and creating hyperbole when your prediction agree with that previous report a week later?    Antibody on Mar 20, 13:35

Based on personal experience, making up a screenname and posting incognito is highly recommended. {nm}   BionicMoron on Mar 20, 13:47

I'm not advocating going incognito, it hasn't worked in the past. I'm saying he can't be two separate personas even if he tried. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 20, 14:24

hey weekend warrior, this is my first ever post, how can i see your predictions and what you have to say about movies or whatever?? {nm}   boatsandhos on Sep 01, 19:27

now now ladies {nm}   DASavage on Mar 20, 12:44

You guys look like a married cuple ;) {nm}   gogreenytd on Mar 20, 11:09

Looks like this place needs a moderator. {nm}   ty97 on Mar 20, 11:28

Thanks WW, Thanks X... {nm}   VictorY on Mar 20, 11:14

I can't wait until gut check time so I can post my opinions on the matter. {nm}   skamanfu on Mar 20, 13:29

just remember, Game of Shadows was tracking bigger than Twilight at one point too {nm}   mickpix on Mar 20, 19:58

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