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Hmm, can't think of one atm.

Posted by: DOW53 on Mar 25, 13:27 in response to lobogotti's post One more HGAME contest, last for a couple months....


One more HGAME contest, last for a couple months. Another short and sweet. Please read ALL the rules, details inside....   lobogotti on Mar 25, 13:13

*also, no need to click through all guesses to make sure yours is not identical to another. I will adjust accordingly when submissions are   lobogotti on Mar 25, 13:18

They Live   cgarner on Mar 25, 13:43

Tremors {nm}   damenchipguy on Mar 27, 12:38

Don't really have a "guilty pleasure" film as such...   accountant_4_Jesus on Mar 25, 13:20

"Hope must be contained."   Richard In G on Mar 25, 13:24

Zardoz {nm}   Richard In G on Mar 25, 13:26

Princess Bride   spville on Mar 25, 13:25

Amelie   monsieurcinema on Mar 25, 14:16

If "Amelie" is cheesy, then tear down the stars, and peel all the avocados. {nm}   second gary on Mar 25, 17:55

Hmm, can't think of one atm.   DOW53 on Mar 25, 13:27

A Walk to Remember (only the good parts)   BayStreet on Mar 25, 14:49

I got it now: A Knight's Tale, thanks to BionicMoron {nm}   DOW53 on Mar 25, 17:53

Waterworld   tealfan on Mar 25, 13:29

Waterworld? Naw. The Postman was better than I expected.   edzep on Mar 25, 13:32

haven't seen it...I'll have to catch that sometime {nm}   tealfan on Mar 25, 13:45

Black Sheep (2007)   thatpj on Mar 25, 13:35

Blown Away   islander on Mar 25, 13:35

Sucker Punch {nm}   joeoftexas on Mar 25, 13:41

we still want your guess joe! ;) {nm}   lobogotti on Mar 25, 13:42

Here ya go... {nm}   joeoftexas on Mar 25, 13:44

It isn't taking my prediction in the body of my messages ( I will e-mail it to you)   joeoftexas on Mar 25, 13:46

Zoolander   ndmaster on Mar 25, 13:44

Broken Arrow   Oleg Max on Mar 27, 06:54

Josie and the Pussycats   RedDex on Mar 25, 13:45

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang   ryancoke2 on Mar 25, 13:57

Take your pick, I'm a big M. Night Shyamalan fan...   slappydavid on Mar 25, 14:05

Casino   bloopster on Mar 25, 14:18

Airplane!   numbersix_99 on Mar 25, 14:50

Jeux d'enfants (2003)   delfinasu on Mar 25, 14:50

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner   Dales on Mar 25, 14:56

The Rock!   stevie1der328 on Mar 25, 14:59

Man on Fire   hawkfanatic2 on Mar 25, 15:09

Real Genius   gogreenytd on Mar 25, 15:11

Dark Star   DTravel on Mar 25, 15:56

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle   Movie Cub on Mar 25, 16:08

Cast Away   Buy StarBond Fund 18 on Mar 25, 16:53

Sucker Punch   kircarkoway on Mar 25, 17:03

Is "The Firm" cheesy? Or "A Few Good Men"?   second gary on Mar 25, 17:19

No to "A Few Good Men". Pure awesomeness, there. {nm}   Dales on Mar 25, 17:22

Well, "cheesy awesomeness" is not a contradiction. :) {nm}   second gary on Mar 25, 17:43

Oops. That over there should go here over here. :) {nm}   second gary on Mar 25, 17:20

A Knight's Tale   BionicMoron on Mar 25, 17:25

Fifth Element   Steved1998 on Mar 25, 17:28

Starship Troopers   arf on Mar 25, 17:54

Too smart a film to be cheesy. Hmmmm... can a movie be smart and cheesy? {nm}   second gary on Mar 25, 17:56

Being cheesy is the whole point of the film. (I think it's a smart film, but not as smart as Verhoeven thinks it is) {nm}   RogerMore on Mar 25, 20:12

They slaughtered Heinlein's book, but in a way so bad it's kinda good. {nm}   arf on Mar 25, 20:15

Take The Lead   daveart on Mar 25, 18:36

The Running Man   Colt 1911 on Mar 25, 20:08

Dude, Where's My Car?   RogerMore on Mar 25, 20:14

shaolin soccer {nm}   nummy on Mar 25, 20:37

oops, forgot my guess {nm}   nummy on Mar 26, 09:09

hmm, having a little trouble... {nm}   nummy on Mar 26, 09:12

Bend it Like Beckham   sallust on Mar 25, 20:51

Deep Blue Sea (the shark movie)   JDolphin on Mar 26, 02:02

email me your guess nummy...   lobogotti on Mar 26, 09:58

Love Actually   billy on Mar 26, 09:58

The Princess Bride   MiyazakiFan on Mar 26, 10:00

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down   avandelay on Mar 26, 10:06

Bushwhacked   forlorne on Mar 26, 10:07

Death to Smoochy   GLAMMGUY on Mar 26, 10:07

Clue   TwoMisfits on Mar 26, 16:35

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