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tell me that this is an April fool joke... please... {nm}

Posted by: b4bad on Apr 01, 15:02 in response to DOW53's post Total Recall trailer

Total Recall trailer   DOW53 on Apr 01, 13:47

Tagging   DOW53 on Apr 01, 13:53

I thought it was mind blowing awesome....looking forward to seeing it!   323 on Apr 02, 13:21

'Total Recall' debut trailer logs 10.8 million views in 48 hours.   prahainsider on Apr 05, 10:05

Oh my that fight scene with the group of gunmen is so unrealistic it's like a video game from the 90s {nm}   numbersix_99 on Apr 01, 14:07

Yeah, the movie kind of looks weak. Such an unnecessary remake. {nm}   HarryWarden on Apr 01, 14:15

I know Beckinsale has nice teeth but does she ever close her mouth? {nm}   DOW53 on Apr 01, 14:23

Good lord. Just another pointless waste of everyone's time. {nm}   goodvibe61 on Apr 01, 14:33

tell me that this is an April fool joke... please... {nm}   b4bad on Apr 01, 15:02

Hadn't even looked at this yet but Colin Farrell?    tradermark on Apr 01, 15:23

Disagree. Doesn't look good but it will still do better than JC. {nm}   DOW53 on Apr 01, 15:36

Thats why they picked August because they know what a hit it will be. Oh yea if memory serves John Carter was    tradermark on Apr 01, 15:46

Huh? You said John Carter will look like an over performer compared to RECAL. Now you say RECAL will be a hit?   DOW53 on Apr 01, 16:21

It's called S-A-R-C-A-S-M {nm}   tradermark on Apr 01, 16:27

LOL. Sure, blame it on that if you want. {nm}   DOW53 on Apr 01, 16:36

Blame what on sarcasm? My opinion that Farrell can't act? that the movie will suck? {nm}   tradermark on Apr 01, 17:01

First weekend in August is a big release date. RSAPE last year, OTHRG 2010, GIJOE 2009, MUMY3 2008, BORN3 2007, TALDG 2006   RogerMore on Apr 01, 18:30

It is only going with Summer in the trailer so it is possible Sony could blink vs Bourne in that date matchup {nm}   notfabio on Apr 01, 20:52

Um... Weird. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 01, 15:35

I thought it looked interesting. Put me down as one who thinks that Wiseman does good action sequences. {nm}   Paul2k on Apr 01, 15:38

Don't mean to go against the masses, but +1 {nm}   PVL Admin on Apr 01, 17:18

i sorta liked it, and want to see the film.    islander on Apr 01, 15:40

Loved the orig. No desire yet to see this. {nm}   Dales on Apr 01, 16:15

I always thought this was ripe for a more cerebral take   robb1138 on Apr 01, 18:27

It's okay+. I'm optimistic. {nm}   second gary on Apr 01, 19:58

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