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HGAME and TWLI4 BW comparison: running some numbers

Posted by: JohnTEQP on Apr 15, 20:52 in response to Buy StarBond Fund 18's post So with a delst of about 337 and 8 weeks ago, do YOU...

Some interesting numbers comparing the HGAME and TWLI4 BW's (I only compared HGAME and TWLI4, not any of the rest of the Twilight movies, because BW policy changed in time for TWLI4).


TWLI4 adjusted to H$376.65. Strike price for BW was H$290, or 77% of adjust price. BW delisted at H$0. Stock delisted at H$259.40, with a multiplier of 1.86.

HGAME adjusted to H$418.50. Strike price for BW is H$350, or 84% of adjust price, i.e. higher, as a percentage of adjust, than TWLI4. However, assuming a delist of H$340, multiplier will be 2.19.


So HGAME.BW is more expensive than TWLI4.BW, but it looks like it will still deliver a better return. Of course, since it will be delivering any return at all, that is better than TWLI4.BW! Give it up for Katniss!


And, seconding Mr. Binns, good work on HGAME.BW, Antibody.


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Three Stooges 17.1   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 07:39

Bully did $534k this weekend for a $813k to date total   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 07:47

HGAME made 21.50 {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 07:49

So with a delst of about 337 and 8 weeks ago, do YOU think that HGAME would make 26M more to equal HGAME.BW now?    Buy StarBond Fund 18 on Apr 15, 09:25

Cake! {nm}   H-Mogul on Apr 15, 10:41

The cake is a lie! -_- {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 15, 16:50

Gravy! {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 10:47

Math! Declined 35% last Sun to this. Even allowing 40% drops it'll do $50M more by week 12. {nm}   KalElFan on Apr 15, 10:50

Easily make it. HGAME will make records until Battleship comes to the US in May. {nm}   elchan on Apr 15, 14:39

The Avengers will be well on its way to passing HGAME in box office by the time Battleship opens... {nm}   RoBoGuru on Apr 16, 08:54

HGAME and TWLI4 BW comparison: running some numbers   JohnTEQP on Apr 15, 20:52

Cabin In The Woods 14.90   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 07:49

Titanic 3D 11.60 {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 08:06

Lockout 6.25   RazorHawk on Apr 15, 08:33

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