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Muy buen senor!! {nm}

Posted by: LuCiFeR on Apr 27, 09:00 in response to Richard In G's post Milestone: 1 Billion!

Milestone: 1 Billion! {nm}   Richard In G on Apr 27, 07:30

Nicely done. Next up - Top 1,000. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Apr 27, 07:31

Welcome to the club!!! Congrats! {nm}   icecreamman on Apr 27, 07:32

Richard In $!...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Apr 27, 07:38

Super! {nm}   islander on Apr 27, 07:41

WHOA!!! Awesome! Congrats! {nm}   PRodQuanta on Apr 27, 07:49

Congratulations! {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 27, 07:49

That's the big one! Now you can retire! {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 27, 07:53

All hail the KingRichard! {nm}   BionicMoron on Apr 27, 08:06

Well done there {nm}   blaze223 on Apr 27, 08:07

Huzzah! {nm}   autobot66 on Apr 27, 08:14

Jingo! {nm}   edzep on Apr 27, 08:42

Congratulations! {nm}   mcmlxixhm on Apr 27, 08:43

Muy buen senor!! {nm}   LuCiFeR on Apr 27, 09:00

Congrats .... excellent milestone! {nm}   gordon06 on Apr 27, 09:13

Pistols Firing!!!   damenchipguy on Apr 27, 15:59

Mazel tov! :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 27, 18:23

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