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Well of course. I've seen enough episodes of Cops to know that. {nm}

Posted by: Dave3626 (a.k.a del_VUA_Dave3626) on May 03, 13:16 in response to arf's post I see culture, and being a "culturist" can be a...

why is NFURY not made into movie? would be great character walking around Disneyland? maybe racism to blame? {nm}   DASavage on May 03, 10:55

Racism is always to blame. That's what Chris Matthews has taught me. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 10:57

captain america, ironman, thor, hulk (pre-Hulk), black widow, the fem bow shooter guy, all white..............????? {nm}   HSXisEASY on May 03, 11:00

It's an insidious plot against diversity. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:06

Why stretch for a complicated explanation when everday racism is available?    DTXbro on May 03, 11:41

I appreciate your optimism. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:07

I am still shocked at all the "racism" names being thrown around, when an all black movie has been number 1 for a few weeks.   arf on May 03, 12:51

It has been? I didn't know, because like Colbert, I don't see race. Everyone looks like a neutral gray to me. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:58

I see culture, and being a "culturist" can be a life saver if you are aware of your surroundings, bad parts of town have white ppl too. {nm}   arf on May 03, 13:04

Well of course. I've seen enough episodes of Cops to know that. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:16

How is that film doing in Idaho, Montana, Maine, Wyoming, etc.? How much of the audience is white (other than a few drawn to the religion?)    DTXbro on May 03, 13:18

It's still in multiple theatres, so I'd guess it's doing pretty good in White Bread country. Not bad for us racist rednecks. {nm}   arf on May 03, 13:54

No, only Samuel L Jackson worked, the rest didn't show up. {nm}   arf on May 03, 12:45

The name Black Widow is racist {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:08

Post-Racial Widow would be more PC. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:12

Hulk is green... :) {nm}   slappydavid on May 03, 11:08

But Bruce Banner is white {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:10

So if Nick Fury was green, it would get made? {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:11

How dark would his green be? Would it be a Spring Green, or more of a Sap Green? {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:15

Sap Green? What is that? Are you a paint chip namer? {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:19

No, but while I eat breakfast on Friday mornings I tune in to Bob Ross. He relaxes me with his happy trees. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:21

Dave, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Bob is dead. {nm}   arf on May 03, 12:52

But his re-reuns are alive and well. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:55

Speaking of re-runs, one of those channels is re-running Facts of Life. I still have a crush on Blair after all these years. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:59

And Stephanie from Newhart. Something about rich, uptight blondes going on in my head. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:01

Blair is hot, but I'd prefer re-runs of Saved by the Bell, what's the name of that one that's a big hit now? Cute Brunette. {nm}   arf on May 03, 13:06

Sorry, was never big into Saved by the Bell. When Saturday morning cartoons ended at 11, I tuned out. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:36

Al Sharpton, wher are you when NFURY needs you. you sellout! {nm}   neverODDorEVEN on May 03, 11:15

He's on MSNBC doing promos about Republicans eating blueberry pie (I'm dead serious about that) {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:16

Is he for or agin' eating blueberry pie? {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:23

I think he's pro-pie eating, but against lying about eating the pie. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:04

Sounds like he is right on both counts. Outstanding!    DTXbro on May 03, 12:52

No doubt it's what makes him an expert in navigating the rough waters of politics. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:02

would it confuse you if I mentioned that the Hulk most recently on the Avengers team (in comics) is red?   RazorHawk on May 03, 11:18

I think I just had a little stroke. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:20

My head explode {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:21

Ha Ha. I didn't see Dave's post before posting mine {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:22

All the movie characters with eye patches are caucasian. It IS a racist Hollywood conspiracy! {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:11

That's reverse racism, making it look like only white people can lose an eye. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:13

Also anti-pirate and anti-Nazi. {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:15

Well I should hope we're all ANTI-Nazi. Pirates are cool, though. Johnny Depp has tauught us that. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:19

My all-time favorite eye-patch character: Captain Ron {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:16

Captain Ron was a troublemaking vagabond type, wasn't he? We don't want kids who look like Kurt growing up thinking that's all they can be. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:18

Kids who look like Kurt are pre-destined to be humorous vagabonds. {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:24

And they hook up with actresses who look like Goldie Hawn. They've got it made. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 12:05

Wasn't there an asian with an eye patch in one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies? {nm}   arf on May 03, 12:55

Asian is in Cauc*asian*. So the reverse racism still stands. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:00

Asian is actually mongloid, there's only 3 "base races". White people from here to Iran and Russia are one, Africa is one, and mognloids.   arf on May 03, 13:10

No matter what we're all God's children. Except for the atheists *insert rimshot here* {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:20

AFJ would appreciate that one. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:21

Unless the atheists are right - does that make us all orphans {nm}   JDolphin on May 03, 13:31

Not necessarily. One could still look to Mother Nature. Orphanhood averted. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 13:38

Because those definitions of races are over 400 years old and useless in terms of describing human genetic variation {nm}   RogerMore on May 03, 13:54

I blame Eddied Murphy and Pluto Nash {nm}   dioneta on May 03, 11:16

+Shaq in Steel... {nm}   Oleg Max on May 03, 11:18

Didn't they already do a Nick Fury movie with Hasselhoff as Fury? {nm}   Paul2k on May 03, 11:18

I blame the drinking for his fury. {nm}   Dave3626 on May 03, 11:22

When i look under images, Hasselhoff's patch apparently wandered from eye to eye. {nm}   forlorne on May 03, 11:29

Yes, stop reminding me of Hasselfury   medv4380 on May 03, 15:08

They made Blade before any of the Avengers. {nm}   Shrike on May 03, 11:43

And then "Hollywood" made up tax evasion charges and forced him out of the country...... {nm}   dioneta on May 03, 11:53

no, he didn't pay his income taxes for six years, so he was sentenced to three years in jail... he has two years remaining {nm}   RazorHawk on May 03, 12:18

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