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So Who Saw What Last Week? (me - The Avengers: B-)

Posted by: islander (a.k.a del_USA_islander) on May 07, 07:49

It was decent, better than most recent films like it, but still, is anyone going to remember this film 3 months from now? No. I see comic book fans seem to love it, but its really got some lulls imo, and that finale was very similiar to tform3. Downey, Ruffalo, Paltrow great; ScarJo and Renner good, Evans, Sam L, and Cobie not so much

Working my way through the Mission Impossible films bluray set: Hard to believe this is John Woo. Slomo is awful, worst villian ever in Dougray Scott, and action scenes shot looking like out of a bad 80's syndicated tv show.

MI1: original grade A, rewatch A-

MI2: F, F

MI3: B, ?

MI$: B+, B+

So Who Saw What Last Week? (me - The Avengers: B-)   islander on May 07, 07:49

Contraband B- {nm}   Oleg Max on May 07, 07:53

Avengers 2D:A, Avengers 3D:A {nm}   Tanker on May 07, 07:53

The Avengers (A), American Reunion (C), The Skin I Live in (C+), Caramel (B-), Lovers of the Arctic Circle (A) {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 07:58

Lovers of the Arctic Circle is a great movie.   joeoftexas on May 07, 08:04

Right? I loved it :) And It made my friends and I talk about those coincidences that changed our lives xD {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 08:11

Tyrannosaur (2011) A , Casanova '70 (1965) B+ , Marvel's The Avengers IMAX 3D (2012) B , W.E. (2011) C+ , MI4 - Ghost Protocol (2011) D   joeoftexas on May 07, 08:01

I liked Ghost Protocol, not the Avengers though.    JMT-NL on May 07, 08:10

MI4 was so entertaining! Dubai part was awesome. I'm with you on Tyrannosaur, though. Really good movie, characters and performances :) {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 08:13

A Lonely Place to Die, B+ (yeah, MI2 sucked, hard; enough time has passed, I may try MI4) {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on May 07, 08:05

Yes...try MI4. Much better. Tell me what you think when you see it (the Monday Roll Call after you see it) {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on May 07, 08:27

The Avengers: B+, Source Code (again): B+, The Kid with a Bike: A-, Bully (2012): B {nm}   lobogotti on May 07, 08:06

The Hunger Games (B+), The Muppets (B-), Cinema Verite (B), Catfish (A-)... thoughts inside.   GalacticPothealer on May 07, 08:10

I keep recommending Catfish to everyone xD It's such a peculiar, engaging and surprising film. {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 08:15

Indeed, and for me it's even better because... (SPOILERS inside)   GalacticPothealer on May 07, 09:39

Agreed. And It does not matter if it's real or fiction, I was hooked and thrilled as if it was. {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 09:49

This discussion causes me to want to watch Catfish. Sounds like a movie not for everyone, but could be a hit at Delta House. Of course,    DTXbro on May 07, 13:01

The Avengers (C), Meeting Evil (B+) {nm}   jmr on May 07, 08:16

Haywire C- (I'd give it an F, but I could see what Soderburg did with small budget and trying something different) {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on May 07, 08:25

The American (2010) (C), Morning Glory (2010) (C+), Megamind (2010) (B-), Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) (D-), more...   slappydavid on May 07, 08:28

Avengers (A-)...the minus was because they never explained how all of a sudden Banner/Hulk could control himself {nm}   tealfan on May 07, 08:28

thank you (was wondering that) {nm}   islander on May 07, 08:37

A friend who read the books told me that he always controls himself (and never kills 'cause of his inteligence) but   Adriii on May 07, 10:14

hopefully it's a deleted scene or something mentioned offhand in Iron Man 3 (I assume Bruce will partake of Tony's 10 floors of R&D) {nm}   tealfan on May 07, 10:27

I saw somewhere they cut something like 30 minutes of footage. Maybe we'll find out in the Director's Cut Platinum Edition. {nm}   Tanker on May 07, 10:47

The Avengers B+, The Raven C- {nm}   Movie Cub on May 07, 09:00

A new German play by Schimmelpfennig, "Long ago in May," (A). Rpt viewing of "The social network" (A+/A) {nm}   second gary on May 07, 09:04

Just curious, where did you see the play? An American staging? I think it was written around 2000, but never saw it myself...   GalacticPothealer on May 07, 09:43

A new translation by Melanie Dreyer at Cornell University.   second gary on May 07, 09:48

Sounds like a lot of fun... I'll go and look for the text of the play somewhere. {nm}   GalacticPothealer on May 07, 12:25

Averagenders...(D+,67%)....Craptain America......(F+,59%) {nm}   DASavage on May 07, 09:10

Headhunters (B+), Damsels in Distress (D), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (B-) {nm}   skamanfu on May 07, 09:13

Monsieur Lahzar (B-), Chronicle (B), In Time (C) {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 07, 09:45

Avengers: C; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: A-; The Cabin in the Woods: B+ {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 07, 10:44

Avengers: C; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: A-; The Cabin in the Woods: B+ {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 07, 10:44

LOL (A+) {nm}   elchan on May 07, 10:44

Avengers B+, It was 2D I try to avoid 3D if at all possible. {nm}   damenchipguy on May 07, 11:12

Avengers: B+; The Cabin In The Woods: A-; Paranormal Activity (2007): D {nm}   petz on May 07, 13:25

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