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*to clarify... I am asking to make sure I understand your position.. :) {nm}

Posted by: dioneta on May 14, 22:57 in response to dioneta's post So... the clarify... MTCs 27 "should" equate...

Posted below, but felt it would interesting enough to mention alone: MTC has a 2012 accuracy rate of about 76%. RS at 57%.   ShawnMR on May 14, 16:55

I'm not totally sure what the %'s mean. can you tell me the avg variance. Thanks for the info!   jwammo on May 14, 17:03

Not sure on the dollar figure, but my calculations are based on these examples:   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:16

you are calculating the average percentage error. correctly, I might add. Cheers. {nm}   jwammo on May 14, 17:31

uh what?   alfpaulytd2012 on May 14, 17:06

Please see Roger's and my replies just a couple of posts down. {nm}   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:20

If mid-20s is 25 and mid-single digit is 5, then mid-teens should be 15. {nm}   Antibody on May 14, 17:10

I define "teens" as 13-19, not 11-20 (which I would think to be "mid-double digits"). :) {nm}   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:12

Hit enter too soon: 11-20 where 15 be "mid-double digits" {nm}   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:13

Wouldn't mid-double digits be between 10-99? Wink {nm}   Jay_Beezy on May 14, 19:56

LOL! Using RS 2012 accuracy %, Battleship could open as high as 86M or as low as 24M. {nm}   thatpj on May 14, 17:10

This is from using the formula 1 - ABS(Predicted Weekend - Actual Weekend)/Actual Weekend.   RogerMore on May 14, 17:15

Hmmm... supposed to go under alfpaul's post {nm}   RogerMore on May 14, 17:15

Thx for the context at least but still confused   alfpaulytd2012 on May 14, 17:20

Agreed - it's not perfect, but it is easy to understand and easy to verify, which are advantages. {nm}   RogerMore on May 14, 17:31

Agreed. My application today was simply to find a min-max for Battleship based on MTC's performance so far this year.   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:33

Yes. And I'll admit there are probably better measurements and/or terminology that can be used here. I'm just using that formula in my   ShawnMR on May 14, 17:19

Gotcha   alfpaulytd2012 on May 14, 17:24

So... the clarify... MTCs 27 "should" equate to a $35.53 weekend???? {nm}   dioneta on May 14, 22:54

*to clarify... I am asking to make sure I understand your position.. :) {nm}   dioneta on May 14, 22:57

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