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THR: Prometheus rolled out at midnight in 1,368 North American theaters, grossing a promising $3.6 million. [PROME]

Posted by: Antibody on Jun 08, 10:19

Tag(s): PROME

THR: Prometheus rolled out at midnight in 1,368 North American theaters, grossing a promising $3.6 million. [PROME]   Antibody on Jun 08, 10:19

that's about 2.6 times SWHTM, so pretty nice. {nm}   jwammo on Jun 08, 10:25

slightly better than thor {nm}   notfabio on Jun 08, 10:29

Which opened at $66M {nm}   dioneta on Jun 08, 10:46

It'll be most likely be more frontloaded than Thor {nm}   xiayun on Jun 08, 11:24

You know WAYYY more than I..but I am curious as too why you think that? {nm}   dioneta on Jun 08, 11:27

Thor was in early May, when the schools weren't out yet; it's PG-13, normally less frontloaded than comparable R-rated films   xiayun on Jun 08, 11:50

schools are not out yet in NY...nm   Colt 1911 on Jun 08, 12:14

Nope, but they are out for more than half the country. {nm}   shadowking on Jun 08, 13:10

also both sci-fi and horror genres are known for frontloadness and large Fri-to-Sat declines, and PROME covers both {nm}   xiayun on Jun 08, 11:52

Thank you! {nm}   dioneta on Jun 08, 11:57

Another big-budget R-rated film "Watchmen" grossed $4.6 million in 1595 theaters in midnight run   Peterlee on Jun 08, 10:29

and that film had $55 million opening weekend {nm}   Peterlee on Jun 08, 10:30

Same article: 300 $2.5M midnight $70M weekend {nm}   Antibody on Jun 08, 10:33

But PROME has a lot of potential to be frontloaded {nm}   gogreenytd on Jun 08, 10:37

So did 300 and Watchmen and Thor. {nm}   Paul2k on Jun 08, 10:38

WATCH had more based on the "greatest graphic novel ever" and ZSNYD coming off 300. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 08, 10:42

I think the two numbers above are the range now, 55 min, 70 max. {nm}   jwammo on Jun 08, 10:39

I think 45 tops... {nm}   slappydavid on Jun 08, 10:45

Pretty good start. {nm}   thatpj on Jun 08, 10:37

pretty weak start. xiuan thought 5M... {nm}   Oleg Max on Jun 08, 10:44

So what? {nm}   Antibody on Jun 08, 10:46

well, I remember back in 1997, when last truly Alien movie came out, I took a bath on it. Ain't gonna happen again. Let's just wait for #   Oleg Max on Jun 08, 10:53

The # is out. Just because it doesn't meet one opinion, doesn't mae it weakNo one is infallible. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 08, 10:58

I meant to say #'s 4 wknd... {nm}   Oleg Max on Jun 08, 10:59

It equaled Inception. More then 300. You think that is weak? {nm}   thatpj on Jun 08, 11:37

For a movie with a built in audience from the Alien movies...shouldn't this have been higher?    MisterTony on Jun 08, 10:45

In any case, few movies can be better midnight screening attractions, than sci-fi horror (plus that it caters to fanboys(?))   Facto on Jun 08, 10:59

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