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MTC tracking [TED] 32, [MADWP] 28, [MGCMK] 19, [PLKUS] 5 {nm}

Posted by: Jane_Citizen on Jun 25, 21:52 in response to notfabio's post mtc 32 ted 28 madea 19 magic 5 people


mtc 32 ted 28 madea 19 magic 5 people {nm}   notfabio on Jun 25, 21:45

MTC tracking [TED] 32, [MADWP] 28, [MGCMK] 19, [PLKUS] 5 {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jun 25, 21:52

So per the rule, looks like good news for Ted And Mike, not as good for Madea, though anything over 20 for Madea is a win IMO {nm}   austpow on Jun 25, 23:01

The one movie I feel strongly about is this w/e...I think it will open much better than expectations...would say $33MM based on 1) tweet    GMov on Jun 25, 23:16

Not sure where the "Mike" went in that subject line but it was there originally {nm}   GMov on Jun 25, 23:17

It's generally not a good idea to bet against Tyler Perry {nm}   OriginalFund on Jun 26, 08:23

Rarely comment on these here boards, but am compelled to based on shocking trader behavior towards MADWP. {nm}   eallensbp on Jun 26, 10:17

When Tyler Perry isn't Madea, his BO is mid-range at best. When he IS Madea it would be unwise to expect anything under $30M for 1st weekend {nm}   eallensbp on Jun 26, 10:20

The Last Madea film MDBHF opened at $25M. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 26, 11:05

True. But that, and the 1st Madea film are the lone exceptions. Personally, I can't see less than 30M for MADWP, given the track record. {nm}   eallensbp on Jun 26, 11:15

As OriginalFund stated above, not a good idea to bet against Tyler Perry. Nor, I must add, Pixar. {nm}   eallensbp on Jun 26, 11:18

I know I said this last week too, but, I think tracking might get blown out of the water. MAGIC's buzz is really growing. {nm}   ShawnMR on Jun 26, 11:32

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