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That's a possibility, but your average of about 35% drops every weekend is going to be difficult, doable, but difficult. The question is...

Posted by: LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 17:50 in response to BionicMoron, EAP leader's post With weekday business being as strong as it is this time...

can Ted cross over and continue to grow its audience, or is hit locked into a certain demo?  Horrible Bosses, Bad Teacher, The Hangover, and 21 Jump Street all had premises that can appeal to wide audience base, Ted can go either way, I'd think.

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jul 01, 10:25

time to short both ted & magic mike {nm}   jamesbik333 on Jul 01, 10:30

Interesting call to action? {nm}   ryancoke2 on Jul 01, 10:42

Careful there - looks like a call to action. {nm}   grammar on Jul 01, 10:43

I would point out that Bad Teacher last year at the end of June delisted with a 2.85 multiplier {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 10:44

Also in June was the Hangover which delisted at 4.07... The point is that you can find reasons for both directions {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 10:53

Most decently received R-comedy does have legs, however most R-comedy does not have a built in audience like TED.   BionicMoron on Jul 01, 10:58

Let's get real here. :-) Against SPID4, ICEA4, and BATM3? {nm}   elchan on Jul 01, 10:56

ICEA4? What kind of overlap does that have with TED? {nm}   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 10:58

I think it's more to do with screen space, All three of those are going to command a good percentage of theater screens {nm}   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:04

Thing many theaters got multiple prints of Ted or Magic Mike. They don't get squeezed if attendance is there, slower films will.   Catzan on Jul 01, 11:08

True, just giving what his probable reason was. As my post below says though, I think Ted has a good chance, Magic Mike not as much {nm}   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:21

I had higher hopes for Magic Mike...but it has begun to feel like Satc2...   Catzan on Jul 01, 12:00

Worse than SatC2. Before actuals, which may show a worse drop, it sits at No. 9 for percentage of OW coming from Friday...    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 14:09

With weekday business being as strong as it is this time of year, something like 35-22-14 on the weekends would be enough   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 11:13

That's a possibility, but your average of about 35% drops every weekend is going to be difficult, doable, but difficult. The question is...   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 17:50

Yeah, I'm not sure it's going to happen, but screencounts won't be the determining factor.   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 19:17

I went to TED with my son instead of Brave and loved it and my daughter went to watch Mike instead of Brave...just kidding..but could have    b4bad on Jul 01, 11:41

You mean like...Transformers 3, Harry Potter 8 and Captain America??? {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 11:01

Yes, but BDTCH is only delisted at $88, and not the $146, and seemingly frontloaded TED numbers, though. {nm}   elchan on Jul 01, 11:14

I think the others point is that they both had the same daily dropoffs OW, barring any strange fluctuations with the final numbers, so it's    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:27

Why do you think TED is frontloaded, it had an identical OW internal multiplier to Hangover {nm}   stevie1der328 on Jul 01, 11:29

I did say, "seemingly". I don't have historical data, but from other comments of others on the board the Sat drop off was significant.   elchan on Jul 01, 11:36

Yeah, from my standpoint if that Sunday number holds then it bodes well for TED's future prospects, but it could easily be overestimated. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Jul 01, 11:41

BOM shows the drop as about 13% for both Sat and Sun. Bad Teach was 10% & 24% and Hangover was 10% & 12.4%.   Catzan on Jul 01, 12:31

A comparable would be WEDCR, which delisted at 143, but it did not have to contend with any major blockbusters in the following weeks.   elchan on Jul 01, 11:29

I'd say Magic Mike's the only obvious short, if its Friday to Saturday drop is correct, I doubt if it even gets to the estimate, if that's    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:03

I note that The Avengers have finally dropped out of the top 10 {nm}   Rednax on Jul 02, 08:53

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