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The % difference for Avengers was lower though

Posted by: xiayun on Jul 02, 15:18 in response to BionicMoron, EAP leader's post If the "RS/MTC more than a coincidence thingy"...

but this year we have seen numerous instances where the actual ended up falling in between MTC and RS when the two differed by quite a bit, so the "rule" may need a modification eventually. :)


mtc 3 day only numbers 8 katy perry 52 spid4 {nm}   notfabio on Jul 02, 14:13

Thats a huge drop from RS for Spiderman..... {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:15

huge "difference" :) {nm}   Antibody on Jul 02, 14:18

Ha! Yes. {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:19

If the "RS/MTC more than a coincidence thingy" is in effect, not good news for Spidy.   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 02, 14:20

I guess its how you look at it... It will still likely make over $200M no matter which one is correct {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:22

It does put $200m total into question; who would have thought Ted may end up outgrossing it? {nm}   xiayun on Jul 02, 15:06

I was just reading your analysis on the film... Do you still feel confident about your Tuesday-Thursday numbers? {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 15:10

Starting to feel my ratio of Tue-to-Thurs vs. OW may be too high, but you're right at mine original blog post had $55m OW   xiayun on Jul 02, 15:15

Hmmm... What do you think about a Transformers 1 comparison? July 3rd (Tuesday) open... $36M (including mids) {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 15:24

I don't see the opening day coming close to that; more like around $25m {nm}   xiayun on Jul 02, 21:12

As always... Thx!!! :) {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 21:18

The % difference for Avengers was lower though   xiayun on Jul 02, 15:18

Nothing for savages? {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jul 02, 14:26

Yikes. Still don't see it getting anywhere near $250 million. Might struggle to top $200m if MTC is closer (which I think they are) {nm}   ShawnMR on Jul 02, 14:27

So if I understand the rule correctly, SPID4 should have a <$50m 3 day? {nm}   baronblacksheep on Jul 02, 14:29

Its not exactly a "rule" and it has been wrong before... It has shown to be a decent barometer though. As always, "Caveat Emptor" :) {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:31

If the opening weekend obeys the rule. (It might not - and it did not for AVNGR). SPID4 is also an unusual case, opening on a Tuesday.   Roger More on Jul 02, 14:51

It would appear a Tuesday opening could hurt HSX prospects. That's three days of a hot property without the benefit of a multiplier {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:58

All just my opinion, by the way {nm}   dioneta on Jul 02, 14:59

It's a definite possibility. It's also what I thought when TFORM opened. I was wrong. (I hate July 4 openers) {nm}   Roger More on Jul 02, 15:16

12 for savages {nm}   notfabio on Jul 02, 14:30

Tagging MTC: [SPID4] 52 [KP3D] 8 [SAVAG] 12 (all 3-day only) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 03, 07:55

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