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This is a better trailer for the movie.

Posted by: elchan (a.k.a elchan2012) on Jul 17, 12:30 in response to arf's post ATLA2 Teaser Trailer out...

ATLA2 Teaser Trailer out   arf on Jul 17, 12:13

Wow, contains no actual footage. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 17, 12:19

Billionaires in the US are moving & renouncing citizenship at 50/month now, since .gov wanted to tax offshore accounts. Message Is Real. {nm}   arf on Jul 17, 12:44

Should have said "Movie is now a Documentary" {nm}   arf on Jul 17, 12:45

Link for above info regarding billionaires leaving inside   arf on Jul 17, 12:48

heavens to betsy, what will we ever do without the tax-avoiding billionares?! {nm}   mickpix on Jul 17, 12:51

That is the exact topic Atlas Shrugged is about, which is why I posted it. {nm}   arf on Jul 17, 12:59

yeah, somehow i think the other 349,990,000 of us would make do. let's try it and find out {nm}   mickpix on Jul 17, 13:04

Actually, it's NOT what the book is about. {nm}   BSmurf on Jul 17, 13:41

It kind of is, but the book is more what we'll do without producers/thinkers {nm}   LanceStorm22 on Jul 17, 16:00

And taxing off shore accounts is bad because? If you have the account in order to hide income... {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 17, 13:07

The point is made above. They already pay tens of millions in taxes. When the .gov demands more, they get NO tax income. Not Smart .gov {nm}   arf on Jul 17, 16:57

this whole project looks like a genuine debacle... {nm}   b4bad on Jul 17, 12:21

This is a better trailer for the movie.   elchan on Jul 17, 12:30

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