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spoilers on a positive note...

Posted by: tealfan on Jul 22, 17:54 in response to islander's post Some TDKR spoilers/questions: (spoilers, youve been warned)

1. When Blake said he had a legal name, I thought he was going to say "Dick Grayson".  :) But I'll take Robin.

2.  During the scene where he first enters the Batcave - the way "Robin" Blake swung in on a rope.  A Robin trademark if my memory isn't playing tricks on me.

Some TDKR spoilers/questions: (spoilers, youve been warned)   islander on Jul 22, 16:13

loved the movie, but lol...that's some material for a spoof right there :) {nm}   tealfan on Jul 22, 16:24

My attempts at answers (SPOILERS)   LanceStorm22 on Jul 22, 16:32

overall, i wasnt impressed with the sound. could be the theater, or where i was, but lots of dialogue was muffled, not just banes   islander on Jul 22, 16:36

i liked the movie too (spoilers)   nicadmous on Jul 22, 17:22

Well...   second gary on Jul 22, 16:42

Yes   thesilverfox on Jul 22, 18:14

spoilers on a positive note...   tealfan on Jul 22, 17:54

Agreed!   darknightz on Jul 22, 23:21

My biggest gripe (spoilers):   BSmurf on Jul 22, 18:07

Yes; it's not exactly the sort of thing Syndrome decries when he says...   second gary on Jul 22, 19:08

I agree -   Zorglub on Jul 23, 06:00

How does...   Doyle Lonnegan on Jul 23, 08:59

I was curious about this one too   darknightz on Jul 23, 09:18

And...   BSmurf on Jul 23, 11:18

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