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THR: director wants to make [NFSPD] an authentic racing movie.

Posted by: Antibody on Aug 01, 12:56

What was it that attracted you to the Need for Speed game franchise?

Waugh: I personally have always wanted to do a car racing movie. I’m a motocross racer, myself. We still quote Bullet and French Connection. Those movies were made in the ‘70s. We should be able to outdo that nowadays, and I just feel like, “I want to be the guy that makes the next authentic racing film,” and that’s my goal. It’s so great to be part of that Need for Speed franchise, because I think they do a great job on authentic racing.

THR: Is there a specific game you guys are going to focus on when it come to Need for Speed?

Waugh: No, because they’ve done so many games, it’s going to be a mesh of all of them. We’re going to try to pay a tribute and respect to a lot of the games they’ve done. There will be one in particular that we’re focused on, but I can’t reveal that until 2014.

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