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I can see that. {nm}

Posted by: Tanker (a.k.a del_QFM_Tanker) on Aug 09, 13:20 in response to MisterTony's post Raiders of the Lost Ark

there is a big surprise one week imax release of a modern classic on 9 7 fanboys will be excited {nm}   notfabio on Aug 09, 12:47

The Dark Knight? {nm}   Antibody on Aug 09, 12:49

not that modern... {nm}   notfabio on Aug 09, 12:50

Caddyshack? {nm}   Tanker on Aug 09, 12:51

Modern? That's so last century. {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 12:54

its closer than the other guesses {nm}   notfabio on Aug 09, 12:55

Heat {nm}   Tanker on Aug 09, 12:56

Hmm, interesting. Ground Hog Day? {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 12:57

Ghostbusters! Getting the public ready for Ghostbusters 3! {nm}   Tanker on Aug 09, 13:00

Why didn't I think of that. I bet you're right. {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 13:06

I shudder to think how lousy the 30 year old effects would look on 70ft screens though. {nm}   Tanker on Aug 09, 13:10

Matrix? (this would be awesome) {nm}   Jelly on Aug 09, 12:53

Seen it, a 70 foot tall Keanu Reeves did nothing for me. {nm}   DTravel on Aug 09, 16:32

The Phantom Menace. {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 12:54

classic? {nm}   Antibody on Aug 09, 12:58

A "modern" classic. ;-) {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 13:07

John Carter. {nm}   Oleg Max on Aug 09, 12:56

Whoo hoo! {nm}   elchan on Aug 09, 12:57

Raiders! {nm}   RazorHawk on Aug 09, 12:59

Raiders of the Lost Ark   MisterTony on Aug 09, 13:04

I can see that. {nm}   Tanker on Aug 09, 13:20

Yep, its Raiders (local theater is advertising it) {nm}   islander on Aug 09, 13:44

The ten commander in imax {nm}   mike255 on Aug 09, 14:46

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