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MCN: [NTROC] fri $380k / 800 theaters | [RHSUM] fri $13.7k / 4 theaters | [2DINY] $9.2k / 4 | [COMPL] $1.7k / 2

Posted by: Oleg Max on Aug 11, 09:58

looks like COMPL opened a week earlier than HSX has it listed for


MCN: [NTROC] fri $380k / 800 theaters | [RHSUM] fri $13.7k / 4 theaters | [2DINY] $9.2k / 4 | [COMPL] $1.7k / 2   Oleg Max on Aug 11, 09:58

at the rate NTROC is performing, it would be lucky to clear 1 mill for the wknd... {nm}   Oleg Max on Aug 11, 10:11

I wonder how eallensbp feels about that... {nm}   slappydavid on Aug 11, 10:31

why, was that person involved w/ that movie somehow? {nm}   Oleg Max on Aug 11, 10:36

No, it's this trader that has been all "I told you so" whenever a prediction is proven wrong. Now he/she is wrong.. (link inside)   slappydavid on Aug 11, 10:43

And I'm coming back to own up to all of it. {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 10:44

BTW, this is not the 1st time I've been wayyyyyyyy off, but I strongly felt the Jackass fans would give NTROC a boost this weekend . . . {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 10:45

I wouldn't go as far as saying you're "wayyyyyyyy off"... :) {nm}   slappydavid on Aug 11, 10:47

No, no, I have to admit it. I said NTROC looked like $6M AT LEAST, fri-sun, and now NTROC is sweating and bleeding to get to $1M. $1M!!! {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 10:52

OTOH, BORN4 slightly underperforming (my predict took a hit for that one, too) but GHSPR is overperforming--looks like $19M, 5-day. Hey! {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 10:50

Yeah I was very wrong on BORN4 too, but the other way around... {nm}   slappydavid on Aug 11, 10:53

Since you seem very much into this kind of thing, may I suggest you check out EAP God (link inside)   slappydavid on Aug 11, 10:58

I'm very familiar with EAP God, but for the longest time, avoided it. {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 11:41

Thanks for the link, slappy. May join at some point. {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 11, 11:42

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