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Trailer for The Last Stand [LSTND]

Posted by: Antibody on Aug 16, 11:00

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Trailer for The Last Stand [LSTND]   Antibody on Aug 16, 11:00

Good god that looks awful. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Aug 16, 11:03

When you watch it on mute it looks AWESOME {nm}   afranco158 on Aug 16, 11:15

I thought it was decent. Essentially, ASCHW is The Good, PSTOR is the Bad and JKNOX is the Weird. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 16, 11:17

Is JKNOX ever _not_ the Weird? {nm}   DTravel on Aug 16, 13:11

I'm referencing the look and feel of the director's previous film.   Antibody on Aug 16, 13:35

Think I saw the devil was his previous film. {nm}   Moviesnob on Aug 16, 13:37

haha its arnold... it does not matter.... {nm}   b4bad on Aug 16, 12:32

Looks like a typical Schwarzenegger movie to me. {nm}   elchan on Aug 16, 11:30

Indeed. But one from the eighties... {nm}   GalacticPothealer on Aug 16, 15:33

To me? It good enough. Won't win Oscars, but I will buy a ticket. {nm}   eallensbp on Aug 16, 12:34

Looks a lot like the Walking Tall remake, complete with the entertaining Knoxville as comic relief {nm}   MrSmitherz on Aug 16, 16:00

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