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Sparkle 12

Posted by: RazorHawk on Aug 19, 08:28 in response to RazorHawk's post The Campaign 13.385

The Campaign 13.385   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 07:29

Timothy Green 10.9 (3 day)   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 07:32

Paranorman 14.009   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 07:39

Bourne Legacy 17   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 07:42

Expendibles 2 ~ 28.75   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 08:05

Sparkle 12   RazorHawk on Aug 19, 08:28

Damn, looks like only OLOTG made their strike. Good thing I shorted XPND2. I expected more from PNORM and SPRKL. {nm}   elchan on Aug 19, 10:07

Roughly, at what time will the Hstocks reset? {nm}   rayw on Aug 19, 10:10

Exactly 10:15 am, pst. ;-) {nm}   elchan on Aug 19, 10:19

TYVM. :o)   rayw on Aug 19, 10:37

YVW. {nm}   elchan on Aug 19, 13:56

What an expansion for Obama's America; too bad there isn't a stock for it   xiayun on Aug 19, 10:37

Why was there no stock IPO? {nm}   elchan on Aug 19, 11:38

And it isn't even playing in every major conservative market yet. Comes to San Diego next weekend. {nm}   dsbman on Aug 19, 12:02

obama american 2016 is doing well but no stock. We got other obama movie flop {nm}   mike255 on Aug 19, 12:57

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