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Congrats! You've graduated from a David to a Goliath. {nm}

Posted by: Bionic Moron (a.k.a BionicMoron) on Aug 23, 09:27 in response to slappydavid's post Milestone: H$1 Billion!

Milestone: H$1 Billion!   slappydavid on Aug 23, 08:21

Super! {nm}   islander on Aug 23, 08:22

Noice! {nm}   tatoufan on Aug 23, 08:23

...they grow up so fast... {nm}   RazorHawk on Aug 23, 08:27

wow! congrats! {nm}   delfinasu on Aug 23, 08:32

Woo Hoo! {nm}   elchan on Aug 23, 08:40

Jingo! {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Aug 23, 08:53

Congratz! {nm}   Catzan on Aug 23, 09:07

congrats! well done! {nm}   Oleg Max on Aug 23, 09:14

Congratulations! The first billion is the hardest. {nm}   RogerMore on Aug 23, 09:26

Congrats! You've graduated from a David to a Goliath. {nm}   Bionic Moron on Aug 23, 09:27

well slap me silly!...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Aug 23, 09:34

very nice slappy   ksteele1979 on Aug 23, 09:41

Bravo! {nm}   dioneta on Aug 23, 10:02

Nicely done. Most impressive. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Aug 23, 10:15

Awesome, dude, congrats!! {nm}   stevie1der328 on Aug 23, 10:20

Huzzah! {nm}   Tanker on Aug 23, 11:19

Well done, slappy!   eallensbp on Aug 23, 11:31

Welcome to the Club!!! {nm}   icecreamman on Aug 23, 11:52

Wowza! - it's getty crowded in here! {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 23, 13:16

Congrats.Keep It Going Up. :) {nm}   Hsxman on Aug 23, 17:04

Congrats! {nm}   radnbad on Aug 23, 13:30

Pistols Firing!!! {nm}   damenchipguy on Aug 23, 15:55

Congrats.Keep It Going Up. :) {nm}   Hsxman on Aug 23, 17:07

Congrats! That's a strong pace - you'll get very high in the ranks if you keep it up! {nm}   Jelly on Aug 23, 18:32

WTG! {nm}   PVL Admin on Aug 23, 20:17

Mazel tov! :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Aug 23, 21:08

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