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Same fate will happen to the $40 million-budgeted film "Shanghai" {nm}

Posted by: Peterlee (a.k.a Peterlee (from past)) on Aug 23, 10:54 in response to Antibody's post Because of that cast and the fact this was picked up...

Traielr for Butter [BUTER]   Antibody on Aug 23, 10:23

Whoa, it's going VOD first on September 7th. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 23, 10:30

Why would you "whoa" when Weinsteins involved? {nm}   islander on Aug 23, 10:34

Because of that cast and the fact this was picked up before TWC formed Radius. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 23, 10:40

Same fate will happen to the $40 million-budgeted film "Shanghai" {nm}   Peterlee on Aug 23, 10:54

Probably ROASN and Dragon/Wu Xia too. As long as they get released. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 23, 11:01

You are right. Dragon/Wu Xia is Radius' title.... {nm}   Peterlee on Aug 23, 11:09

Does Golden Globes forbid VOD premieres like the Oscars? There could be some potential Nominations for Comedy. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 23, 10:44

It's actually pretty good. Saw it at AFI Fest last year. {nm}   dsbman on Aug 23, 11:04

okay...why didn't anyone tell me Olivia WIlde was playing a stripper in this one? :D {nm}   tealfan on Aug 23, 12:25

That's the only thing that looks any good. The rest is PC garbage. {nm}   MrSmitherz on Aug 23, 12:47

And she probably doesn't even get naked or show the goods, as is common when actors play strippers who don't actually strip. {nm}   MrSmitherz on Aug 23, 13:08

this Yahoo Movie Talk post has the only stripper pic of her I could find so far...clothed like you said   tealfan on Aug 23, 15:13

ack!..sorry for the bad cut-and-paste {nm}   tealfan on Aug 23, 15:14

pic   tealfan on Aug 23, 15:15

hmm...the pic looked fine when I pasted it,,,then was gone when I hit "Post This Message"...*shrug* {nm}   tealfan on Aug 23, 15:16

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