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Thanks, WBROX was a great fund to manage...

Posted by: MisterTony on Sep 04, 09:45 in response to slappydavid's post What WBROX and FOXX did is beyong amazing! Great job...

When I started managing the fund, my personal goal was to beat the last manager's cashout of H$112 (which was very impressive), then a couple months in it became to stay ahead of [FOXX] (which I just barely did).  Best of luck to whoever takes over [WBROX] from me...and if I can be of any assistance feel free to reach out via twitter @tbcook.

I learned a lot about how to play openers and ride the crazy resets each day.  If any players are on the fence about doing a fund, I would recommend it.  But I wish I'd started doing a "cash out at H$100 fund" because it does get to be a bit of a marathon working a fund each day...and it does take doing work each day to be successful.  Setting an alarm at 2am CST each day to get in on the reset trading...setting google alerts about certain movies...building excel sheets to track changes...those kind of things.

And by work I guess I mean a great deal of fun.

I'm throwing out the challenge to the fund managers for 2012-13...can you top H$183 delist for a studio fund?  Best of luck...


Thanks to proprietors of nearly all studio funds. And thanks to Antibody for arranging a kiln explosion for the Summit fund.   DTXbro on Sep 03, 13:59

What WBROX and FOXX did is beyong amazing! Great job guys! {nm}   slappydavid on Sep 03, 14:11

agree. and ah shoot, that reminds me i forgot to do the monthly fund report. i will do it tomorrow after delists :) {nm}   islander on Sep 03, 14:22

What is the monthly fund report, and why does it exist?   DTXbro on Sep 03, 15:51

Just a very simple report on how much each fund made the past month. Posted on players board 1st of month (usually)   islander on Sep 03, 16:06

Missed that, somehow (and, apparently, repeatedly) {nm}   DTXbro on Sep 03, 19:18 you have copies of each month's fund reports somewhere? i'd be curious to see the entire year {nm}   MisterTony on Sep 04, 09:46

not sure if youll see this (ill post on playing board tonight) But typically i put a link inside each report for the previous month   islander on Sep 04, 10:27

Thanks slappy, Fox had a great slate this year. It would've been difficult not to make money off it. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Sep 03, 16:52

and I thought you did a bang up job with the horribly limited Lionsgate fund. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Sep 03, 16:54

Thanks. I hear next time around it will include summit's movies, so the next manager should great options to top what I did {nm}   slappydavid on Sep 03, 16:59

Thanks, WBROX was a great fund to manage...   MisterTony on Sep 04, 09:45

Oh man, you set an alarm for reset trading!? You deserved to finish $50 up on me. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Sep 04, 10:20

I have some big shoes to fill by managing the FOXX Fund. I will do my best. {nm}   CButera on Sep 13, 09:39

MisterTony had doubled the value by this time last year. He cared about it every day. vondoom has lost value. vondoom is a bad manager. {nm}   MarkB90210 on Dec 15, 00:05

Agreed   emn316 on Jan 06, 10:40

My goal was to beat last years delist of $42. Happy I was able to. Nearly made my $50 target.. {nm}   UNIVXFund on Sep 04, 12:25

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