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30 Days of Night starred [JHART] not [EHAWK], I think that makes a difference when analyzing...

Posted by: Chimaera81 (a.k.a del_LGN_Chimaera81) on Jan 05, 18:21 in response to Toruk Facto's post It's difficult to spark interest in this climate....

... I think [DAYBR] will be the best of this weekends wide releases. In comparison, [30DAY] opened OCT. 19th to a tune of $15 mil. and [DAYBR] has no real genre competition. [AVATR] should still pull in a nice number, probably #1 overall. I'm confident the [DAYBR] pulling in 17-19 mil. Just my 2 cents


I'm in two minds about DAYBR - does anyone else think it is doomed because of AVATR? {nm}   donnie_darko on Jan 05, 16:49

its not because of avatar that itll not make a BO statement. {nm}   adrenalin112 on Jan 05, 16:50

Beware! DAYBR is shades of ULTVT. {nm}   Richard In G on Jan 05, 19:35

It's difficult to spark interest in this climate. Daybreakers doesn't get with the general tone that Avatar has struck, and is no Twilight   Toruk Facto on Jan 05, 17:13

I mean doesn't *gel* with {nm}   Toruk Facto on Jan 05, 17:19

30 Days of Night starred [JHART] not [EHAWK], I think that makes a difference when analyzing...   Chimaera81 on Jan 05, 18:21

Indeed, my memory was faulty.. I'm looking at the film, Daybreakers, and it seems a little bleak, and could also be attention demanding?   Toruk Facto on Jan 05, 18:47

AVATR does not help it   sneak on Jan 05, 17:14

It won't be a blockbuster, but it is the first weekend opener in two weeks and I am Avatared out. {nm}   icecreamman on Jan 05, 17:26

Nope... the guys who've seen Avatar will be looking for something else to see. DAYBR trailer is on XBOx Live, which is huge IMO {nm}   secretstalker on Jan 05, 17:29

What other trailers have been on Xbox Live? {nm}   Antibody on Jan 05, 17:34

IIRC "9" was also on xbox live. {nm}   adrenalin112 on Jan 05, 17:37

The Final Destination, Legion... can't remember others. They're well-placed for a lot of eyes. {nm}   secretstalker on Jan 05, 18:02

Geeksville, USA? It'll be interesting to see where this one goes.. I thought that in order to have real box office punch, stuff needs to app   Toruk Facto on Jan 05, 17:55

Either way, I don't think I can decide how this will go until Friday   donnie_darko on Jan 05, 18:26

for no good reason I like the white noise comparison {nm}   sneak on Jan 05, 18:44

I think people are underestimating this movie....   Chimaera81 on Jan 05, 20:33

He's probably raved about lots of 1M-dollar films also. The trailer for DAYBR is not good. And what's that cheesy use of "Running Up the Hil   Toruk Facto on Jan 05, 21:01

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