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THR: Elizabeth Banks to play villain in Power Rangers [MMPR]

Posted by: RazorHawk on Feb 02, 09:07

Tag(s): MMPR

THR: Elizabeth Banks to play villain in Power Rangers [MMPR]   RazorHawk on Feb 02, 09:07

I like Banks and looks like a role she can have a lot of fun with. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Feb 02, 09:14

Whitewashing. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 09:41

severely...Lucy Liu in O-Ren mode would've been perfect. {nm}   MrZero on Feb 02, 09:44

It's not really racism as much as it is bottom-lineism. Which leads to disenfranchisement.   Chest Rockwell on Feb 02, 10:32

EBANK isn't a bankable name. The movie will do just as well with Liu or how about Olivia Munn. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 11:17

Yeah, you'd need to offer some proof for that kind of statement.   Chest Rockwell on Feb 02, 13:24

WOSHM $39,751 You can't count Hunger Games, she was just "tagging" along. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 13:45

ok, then you cant count kung fu panda for liu. She was just voicing a small part. {nm}   adrenalin112 on Feb 02, 13:52

Agreed. EBANK isn't any more bankable than an Asian actress in the part. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 14:02

WOSHM actually did $59M lifetime. $39M was OW. But I think you underestimate her draw from HG and PP.   Chest Rockwell on Feb 02, 13:56

Where are you getting Millions? $39,751 $59,209    Antibody on Feb 02, 14:02

Force of habit with BO numbers. {nm}   Chest Rockwell on Feb 02, 20:10

yep, her along with many others in supporting roles helped make HGAME what it was.    adrenalin112 on Feb 02, 15:00

The system you're describing isn't racist in the sense of someone like The Man from Undercover Brother trying to keep minorities down.   RogerMore on Feb 02, 14:21

Stop putting racism into everything. U will always say that when any white actor does good now.    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 09:46

It is racism. If minority actors can't even get minority roles, what chance do they have to compete for non-race specific roles. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 09:47

If they'd have cast a black actor to play a villain you'd have been shouting about 'stereotyping'. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 02, 09:51

I dunno - neither JFOXX being in SPID2 or IELBA in TREK3 have generated much comment. (Certainly nowhere near as much as BCUMB in TREK2) {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 02, 10:10

It's only racism to u. She got the part based on her job and skills of being an actor. YOU are making something    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 09:54

its racist to think this character can be played by a white person.    Moviesnob on Feb 02, 09:55

That character was based on Witch Bandora - a Japanese Actress. You could say they 'blacked her up' for the US version.   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 02, 10:05

She has also been played by Julia Cortez in the first movie and Carla Perez on the TV series. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:08

In theory, they can explain the change in ethnicity with one line of dialogue but it still sucks {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 02, 10:18

All the actors in power rangers were asian.... you know before they brought the show to the USA....   MarkDinse on Feb 02, 10:54

that type of villian seems kind of over the top stereotype racist to me. Making them so squinty & dark, as if villains are dark skinned.   adrenalin112 on Feb 02, 12:06

FYI, N.W.A are all African-Americans. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 09:55

No duh sherlock. There's the racism. Even roles made for white in the future have been cast and fulfilled    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 09:58

Besides, the movie itself sucked. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 09:58

You obviously don't understand the concept racism. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 09:59

You are exhibiting it a lot since the academy awards. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:00

What about changing the always white Human Torch into a black character? That changed the history of the character since his biological   fourstars on Feb 02, 09:59

That's progress, because minorities were traditionally underrepresented in Superhero Comics. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:00

Well Based On Ur STATEMENT Then BLACK Panther SHOULD Be white {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:01

No, based on my statement, that's the opposite of progress. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:04

It's not progress if you force people to cast minorities even though there is a better actor.    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:06

Your use of the term "A Black" here: "are saying only put a black in there" is the most racist thing I've seen today. {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:07

And that was used based off what antibody is preaching. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:09

I think he's saying that a lot of these comics were made in the early to mid 1900's, when racism..   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:12

And I understand that. But when one says more minorities need to get roles then the whole fairness of    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:15

I'd be interested to see if they auditioned anyone for the role, or if they just offered it to her. To me, minorities should get an audition {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:19

And if they did that then I would be upset as well. They should not just offer it to one person but gi e an opportunity to all. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:21

Not only minorities but all should get a fair shot {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:22

Hollywood history shows that the best person for the part is usually white. That's definition of racism. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:09

Only to u. There are a lot more whites currently then blacks so it only makes sense more whites would get more roles then blacks.   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:13

History is all in the past. The future is changing but when all u do is scream and whine about racism you stop progress {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:20

The future is changing because minorities scream and whine for progress. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:23

No, the future is changing because people in general see there needs to be a change. What you and they are screaming for is not    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:25

Wrong. Civil Rights, Gay Marriage...etc happen because the minority population rose up. Majority would be happy with status quo. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:29

But these are totally different subject matters then civil rights. This is about saying you should give a minority a job because we say so    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:31

They stood up for a ligitimate claim back in those times. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:32

But I'm done discussing with you. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:34

No. That is not progress. That is an affirmative action hire. The Human Torch was created as a white character. The origin of the story   fourstars on Feb 02, 11:27

And I think Jordan did a great job. But the story itself ruined that movie {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:01

Is the villain part in MMPR à minority role ??? And does that concept even exist ??? Puzzled {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 09:56

New Oscar categories: best actor, actress, supp actor, actress in a minority role {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 10:03

Best song composed by a minority composer, best adapted script adaptation by a minority writer {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 10:05

Is it whitewashing too when a white person gets a job as a gaffer ? Puzzled by this Elisabeth Banks thread {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 10:09

How come no one comments on ur stuff lol {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:10

I dont mind... As long as i can vent my puzzlement :-) and concerning your discussion with antibody: i think you are right {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 10:30

:) {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:35

Looking at the casting, 4 out of the 5 Rangers are minority.   ~JPV~ on Feb 02, 09:56

Good, and I look forward to seeing how they portray each role with an open mind. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 09:59

Yes, as was the TV series. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 09:59

+1 better off not reading this ****ty board {nm}   hawkfanatic2 on Feb 02, 10:24

I thought this Forum was for movie information. Can a new forum be started for racism accusations, political views, etc. It's getting    PhoneHome on Feb 02, 10:13

I agree with u. This should all be off this board. I come here to play a game and read about upcoming movies   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:18

It definitely seems to be a 'dog-whistle' issue at the moment. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 02, 10:20

"Welcome to the Movies Board. Please refrain from making post about movie news that upset institutionalized forms of discrimination" {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 02, 10:30

It's interesting that the game-master turns out to be the whistler {nm}   jmt-nl on Feb 02, 10:34

somebody should be. he's not the only one who wants more representation of diversity in movies though {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 02, 10:37

Well explain how the Wiz is a representation of diversity then when the casting call only calls for blacks {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:39

Again, your siting examples of things created BECAUSE there was a lack of inclusion in things like Wizard of Oz. {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:44

AGAIN, wizard of Oz was created in the past when things were that way. This is the future. The Wiz has created   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:46

So, knowing there is a lack of inclusion for minorities...minorities should give what few roles they have to whites to include them? {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:47

Now that sure does sound like rasicm thinking. You are stating "I have something and you should not because you    tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:49

You are completely missing the purpose of progress and change for the better and regressing into bitterness saying   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:50

You'll never understand this concept, because you've obviously never been on the receiving end of oppression. {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:56

Haha cop-out. U haven't either. {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:57

I have indeed. Ignorance must be blissful for you. Good luck to yourself and Trump in 2016. {nm}   pygmydev on Feb 02, 10:58

See, you again exhibit racism by assuming I'm white because I don't drink your coolaid   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 11:00

Plus I wouldn't vote for Hillary even if he'll was freezing over. That old bag of bones will ruin America with her lies {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 11:01

Casting a movie role is movie news. Discussing the motivation for the choice is not. {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 02, 10:39

+1 {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 02, 10:40

I disagree that the motivation for casting is not movie news. it certainly is. More knowledge is great for everyone {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 02, 10:43

The other thing I'd add is that if the target audience feels left out by the casting choices, they're less likely to buy tickets. {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 02, 10:48

Like Pan. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:52

If those casting the film or others with inside info stated the motivation, then news/knowledge. Joe Public's "whitewashing" accusation, not   PhoneHome on Feb 02, 11:24

How many moral points are you up with all these social justice posts? {nm}   masonacj on Feb 02, 11:42

Good lord the racism comments got out of hand way too fast. She clearly was the best big-name actress for the job.   chosenone2oo5 on Feb 02, 11:15

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