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and thanks for the post {nm}

Posted by: JMT (a.k.a JMT-NL) on May 15, 11:57 in response to JMT's post Sounds very promising indeed !

David Fincher takes over 20,000 Leagues Under The Seas [20LUS]   RazorHawk on May 15, 10:22

dark and sweaty...perfect for him!   tealfan on May 15, 10:30

Sounds very promising indeed !   JMT on May 15, 10:33

and thanks for the post {nm}   JMT on May 15, 11:57

Awesome news! {nm}   Gorramit_Mal on May 15, 11:31

This has me intrigued. {nm}   Sporadicus on May 15, 11:33

Every week has Fincher attached to a different movie. Next week: Finchers signs up to a Care Bears Reboot {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 15, 16:09

The Care Bears?! Really?! {nm}   Apokalips on May 15, 18:47

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