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Now that's the way to think .. positive. :) {nm}

Posted by: grammar on May 31, 10:33 in response to Goines12's post 0/1 on the big one, and 0 for the summer, but 4 for 4...

Official Adjusts   Antibody on May 31, 10:17

Thanks Dmac. 2/2 for me. {nm}   grammar on May 31, 10:23

0/1 on the big one, and 0 for the summer, but 4 for 4 next week! {nm}   Goines12 on May 31, 10:26

Now that's the way to think .. positive. :) {nm}   grammar on May 31, 10:33

I would also like to thank hobbitzes for the cushion today. {nm}   Goines12 on May 31, 10:49

Ugh... 0/2 {nm}   Chefbobcat on May 31, 10:28

Same here 0/2... Ugly indeed. {nm}   joeoftexas on May 31, 11:03

Same here. 3.6 M loss for the day so far. {nm}   Guillo on May 31, 11:25

3.3 down what is going on? Short everything and hold until day after adjust? {nm}   damenchipguy on May 31, 14:06

wow, i thought i was long satc2 and was expecting a big drop in the port. turns out i was max short. nice surprise... {nm}   Oleg Max on May 31, 10:36

You thought you had a feminine side... and surprisingly, you were an all the way macho underneath. Congrats {nm}   JMT on May 31, 10:50

Nice! I thought I was long too, but apparently sold it off three months ago.   Jelly on May 31, 14:32

0/1 not enough sand in the knife to make it back to friday morning. {nm}   lukesed on May 31, 10:45

1/1 on prince {nm}   tealfan on May 31, 10:51

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