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Sorry, didn't know that. Won't do it again {nm}

Posted by: petz on Jun 11, 05:36 in response to Facto's post Please do not post info on the boards about stock (non)...

Gut checks! Gonna short them all again ! ;) {nm}   karspov on Jun 11, 00:03

Long the kid, short the team {nm}   MoneyMagnet on Jun 11, 00:11

Same here {nm}   Chefbobcat on Jun 11, 00:29

Short them all the World Cup starts today! {nm}   damenchipguy on Jun 11, 07:32

Nobody in America gives a damn about the World Cup. {nm}   Hooray360 on Jun 11, 07:53

Most of the games are done by 4pm East Coast time anyway and there are only a few that have interest   secretstalker on Jun 11, 08:12

Nobody cares I will agree, but the publicity has I believe made people more aware of a worldwide event! You think it will have no effect? {nm}   damenchipguy on Jun 11, 09:51

it wont have an effect BUT a lot of americans will watch the World Cup, especially tomorrow {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 11, 09:56

I'm aware that they are having the World Cup. Still not watching it. A three hour sporting event should have a better score than One-Nil. {nm}   Hooray360 on Jun 11, 10:03

Ditto. {nm}   second gary on Jun 11, 04:37

Sign me up! {nm}   Skauge on Jun 11, 04:56

long play on a-team...wax on wax off {nm}   tealfan on Jun 11, 00:17

Shorting the lot of them {nm}   mrbeankc on Jun 11, 00:22

After the last 5-6 weeks, shorting all openers seems a very safe bet - although boring. Think I'll long the martial arts kiddo... {nm}   Facto on Jun 11, 01:16

Shorting both {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 11, 02:27

Hmm, everyone's talking about shorting, but stock stays stable.   petz on Jun 11, 02:42

Please do not post info on the boards about stock (non) movements.. Doesn't matter when you short or long an opener. But some people change    Facto on Jun 11, 02:46

Agreed! It is OK to make any post you can to manipulate a stock's price but you can't talk about its actual price fluctuations. {nm}   LonePirate on Jun 11, 04:04

No, it is not "okay to make any post you can to manipulate a stock's price"... HSEC frowns on that, too.   secretstalker on Jun 11, 04:14

Shucks! {nm}   grammar on Jun 11, 05:56

Sorry, didn't know that. Won't do it again {nm}   petz on Jun 11, 05:36

Even though it lost it's director, [PINK2] hasn't moved all day- INSANE!! Can ANYONE explain? {nm}   bennyboy10 on Jun 11, 08:16

Both Short here. {nm}   joeoftexas on Jun 11, 04:01

Same here... for now. {nm}   secretstalker on Jun 11, 04:13

Shorting the kid, not playing the team. {nm}   HurricaneKid on Jun 11, 04:12

Long KFID (predict $40m), short ATEAM (predict $30m) {nm}   Rolling_Thunder on Jun 11, 04:13

This week is too close to call...I think I'm going to be a coward and just sit on the sidelines and watch :-) {nm}   davmoo on Jun 11, 04:15

2 shorts for me...   eyescovered on Jun 11, 04:40

Long KFID Short ATEAM...   twoshenoudas on Jun 11, 05:08

Short 'em both   ChrisEW on Jun 11, 05:34

It is tempting but I haven't done my thinking yet. :) {nm}   grammar on Jun 11, 05:57

My predictions: KFKID - $40m, ATEAM - $33m   xiayun on Jun 11, 06:04

Love your thoughts as always. Thanks. {nm}   hawkfanatic2 on Jun 11, 08:28

Breaking out of the streak and am actually gonna long the kid {nm}   thesilverfox on Jun 11, 06:39

call me the eternal optimist...i'm longing both..... {nm}   click999 on Jun 11, 07:18

not playing them. they both seem to be priced just right for me {nm}   JMT on Jun 11, 07:22

What the hell, long on both {nm}   ty97 on Jun 11, 07:24

Long both {nm}   Biff68 on Jun 11, 07:43

Longing the Kid... Still not sure about the team... {nm}   lukasck on Jun 11, 08:07

Finally, shorting the team... {nm}   lukasck on Jun 11, 09:45

Short KFKID, Long ATEAM {nm}   lapuckfan on Jun 11, 08:16

Strike that, I think I'm gonna sit out ATEAM {nm}   lapuckfan on Jun 11, 08:19

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