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Long SCMUC, Short CTND2 and DLCSC {nm}

Posted by: idrom on Jul 30, 07:41 in response to MoneyMagnet's post Gutcheck time! LONG [SHMUC], SHORT [CTND2], and I have no...

Gutcheck time! LONG [SHMUC], SHORT [CTND2], and I have no idea about the other 2. {nm}   MoneyMagnet on Jul 30, 00:12

DEF short CTND2 Leaning short SHMUC leaving the others alone. {nm}   Borat on Jul 30, 00:20

Three longs and Zac Efron is a short {nm}   JMT on Jul 30, 01:07

Long CTND2, DLCSC, and TKAAR. Short on SHMUC. {nm}   hawkfanatic2 on Jul 30, 01:28

Sorry, not playing TKAAR. {nm}   hawkfanatic2 on Jul 30, 03:02

Short Schmucks, Long Cats, Short Charlie {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jul 30, 01:59

Long Schmucks, Long Cats, Short Charlie {nm}   b4bad on Jul 30, 02:38

Four shorts {nm}   Chefbobcat on Jul 30, 02:32

Long CTND2, Short SHMUC, Long DLCSC & Short TKAAR. {nm}   joeoftexas on Jul 30, 03:49

Long CTND2 & SHMUC, short DLCSC. Also long on TKAAR but expect a very small adjust. {nm}   Rolling_Thunder on Jul 30, 04:04

Short everything but long SHMUC. Wow, this must be the most controversial gutcheck time ever! {nm}   petz on Jul 30, 04:25

LONG SCHMUC, Short CTND2 {nm}   pongena2 on Jul 30, 04:26

Long SHMUC and CTND2. Short TKAAR and DLCSC. {nm}   Diapason on Jul 30, 04:52

Long Shmucks, Short Charlie, Short Kids, Long Cats, Short Dogs {nm}   BionicMoron on Jul 30, 05:11

Long CTND2, DLCSC, SHMUC and TKAAR. *crossing fingers* {nm}   Skauge on Jul 30, 05:16

Am I the only one thinking of shorting SHMUC? I'm pretty confident long on CTND2 and DLCSC too. {nm}   secretstalker on Jul 30, 05:38

I really want to short SHMUC out of my own principles, but every time I do that I lose a lot of H$. {nm}   Skauge on Jul 30, 05:42

I have it shorted above and agree with your confidences. {nm}   hawkfanatic2 on Jul 30, 06:01

Paul Rudd is a magnet to male and female auds alike. I would never bet against him   JMT on Jul 30, 06:20

I agree with you. {nm}   ryancoke2 on Jul 30, 07:22

Long 'em all. {nm}   helmetz on Jul 30, 06:25

Long SCMUC, DLCSC, Short CTND2 and TKAAR {nm}   ryancoke2 on Jul 30, 06:50

Long TKAAR, DLCSC | Short SCMUC, CTND2 {nm}   shadowking on Jul 30, 07:24

Long SCMUC, Short CTND2 and DLCSC {nm}   idrom on Jul 30, 07:41

Long TKARR @ 14.89, Long CTND2 @ 50.90, Short SHMUC @ 70.69, Long DLCSC @ 34.32 (flipped now)   Guillo on Jul 30, 07:41

I am long on TKAAR and DLCSC, short on CTND2 and SHMUC. CAINE is playing all of them. {nm}   Roger More on Jul 30, 07:50

Shorting all of them   ChrisEW on Jul 30, 08:03

Not playing any of them this weekend. {nm}   lesana on Jul 30, 08:21

for shame! {nm}   Roger More on Jul 30, 08:27

changing my stance   b4bad on Jul 30, 08:31

same here...everything looks dead on or pretty close {nm}   tealfan on Jul 30, 08:47

hey... come on now ! Not playing ???? {nm}   JMT on Jul 30, 08:48

if there was a Wash option, I'd play {nm}   tealfan on Jul 30, 11:55

scared money never wins. {nm}   lhayes37 on Jul 30, 09:52

Long DLCSC, TKAAR Short CTND2, SHMUC {nm}   Goines12 on Jul 30, 09:42

Long DLCSC, CTND2, SHMUC {nm}   twoshenoudas on Jul 30, 10:14

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